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Monitor Articles for August 14, 2012

Obama vs. Romney 101: 4 ways they differ on China
Most of Syria out of Assad's control, says ex-PM
Will Drew Peterson go free? (+video)
NASA: Mars rover Curiosity brain surgery complete (+video)
Giant python sets records in Florida
Will Ryan's fundraising boost Romney's campaign? (+video)
In Gear Midwestern drought, election year politics add to pressure on ethanol
Mississippi most obese state: Southern diet or culture on the skids?
Has Mitt Romney given up on the Latino vote?
Tax VOX Low taxes, smaller government, but not a balanced budget?
Groupon shares: Suddenly cheaper, but a good buy?
For Latinos, Anaheim gang sweep rubs riots' wounds. Should police have waited?
Standard Chartered to pay $340 million for money-laundering
Decoder Buzz New Romney/Ryan ad plays offense on Medicare. Will that work?
Chapter & Verse Google buys Frommer’s Travel Guides
Bestselling books the week of 8/16/12, according to IndieBound*
Reader recommendation: George F. Kennan
Stakes high for GOP as Wisconsin voters settle on a Senate matchup
Israeli PM appoints new homeland security minister
Stir It Up! The night Julia Child came to dinner
The Simple Dollar Biggest bargain in the house? Tap water.
The Monitor's View Egypt's Morsi puts military on right side of history
Military lingers in Tamil areas years after Sri Lanka's civil war
Napoleon Bonaparte: 13 quotes on his birthday
Julia Child: 8 things that may surprise you
'Welfare-voter' spat in Massachusetts part of larger political duel
Chapter & Verse Paul Ryan does an about-face on Ayn Rand
The New Economy Five things Yahoo CEO Mayer must do now
Tiny creatures with hip names
Julia Child: 10 wonderful quotes on her birthday
Military judge refuses to delay trial of suspected Fort Hood shooter any longer
Home Depot profit, outlook brightens
Modern Parenthood Back-to-school stats: How much do Americans spend shopping?
The New Economy $100 million apartment goes up for sale. A penthouse boom?
Chapter & Verse Bob Woodward will release book on Obama and the economy
Culture Cafe Kristin Chenoweth will be unable to return to 'The Good Wife'
Iran will now accept quake help from abroad
Global News Blog In Norway, calls for the prime minister to step down
The Reformed Broker Not with a whimper, but with a bang
Chris Christie: larger-than-life keynoter for Republican convention
Girlfriend says New Jersey man didn't kidnap her, calls him, 'a good man'
Opinion America's young 2012 Olympians are its future
Decoder Buzz Michelle Obama on Leno show: Why did she tease an Olympian? (+video)
Ecuador to decide about Assange asylum this week
Remembering Johnny Pesky: the little big man of the Boston Red Sox
Monitor Breakfast AFL-CIO chief's message to Obama: 'jobs, jobs, and more jobs'
Opinion Pakistan Independence Day – not really
Off-course skydivers land on high-security military base
Checklist for disaster first-responders: food, blankets – and wi-fi
Economist Mom Federal budget, are you ready for your close-up?
More than $60,000 stolen at Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' home
Paul Ryan's record: huge role in debt debate but few legislative wins
Is American spending bouncing back? Retail business up in July
Poland begins uncovering story of secret US detention center
Syria's ex-Prime Minister: Regime on the verge of collapse (+video)
After Jerry Sandusky scandal, Penn State receives accreditation warning
Youths battle police in northern France riot (+video)
Culture Cafe 'The Closer' ends as spin-off 'Major Crimes' kicks off
The ultimate over-billing: Connecticut woman paid for streetlights for 25 years
Latin America Monitor What is the real threat of Islamic terrorism in Latin America?
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will deliver keynote address at RNC
Giant pregnant python largest ever found in Florida (+video)
Eurozone economy shrinks. Germany ekes out growth.
Terrorism & Security What's behind the latest Israeli media frenzy on Iran?
Afghanistan war: Can the US gains last?
The source of compassion in the wake of mass shootings
Social Security: $8.6 trillion deficit? $134 trillion? Both.
Japan's poverty gap has politicians calling for rise in minimum wage
Robert Reich What 'the Ryan choice' means for Romney's evolving platform
Iowa State Fair: Ryan faces hecklers and Obama (+video)