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Monitor Articles for August 13, 2012

Texas shooting began with eviction notice (+video)
What's Mars rover Curiosity up to now? (+video)
Giant Burmese python discovered in Florida (+video)
Drought: USDA throws livestock farmers a lifeline. Will it help?
Responding to quakes, US seeks path to Iranian 'hearts and minds'
The Paul Ryan budget: your guide to what's in it
Did girls' petition help Candy Crowley land gig as a debate moderator?
Horizons Google eliminates 4,000 jobs at Motorola
3 dead after shooting near Texas A&M University (+video)
Stocks fall as malaise hits Japan
Chapter & Verse Pop-up record store will promote Michael Chabon's new novel
With Paul Ryan, Romney brings Wisconsin into play. But it's no sure bet. (+video)
Horizons Why is Barnes and Noble cutting prices on the Nook Tablet?
President Obama congratulates Mars rover team (+video)
Chapter & Verse Helen Gurley Brown shook up the gender roles, revolutionized Cosmopolitan
Backchannels What exactly has Egyptian President Morsi done? (+video)
Hillary Clinton floats a Syria no-fly zone. How real an option for US?
The Vote Paul Ryan shirtless? We're more interested in his widow's peak.
NASA's $2.5 billion Mars rover just taking it easy for now
Fidel Castro's birthday highlights a graying Cuba
Focus What's it mean that an Islamist rules Egypt?
Briefing What is an Islamist?
Paul Ryan: Which campaign gets the bigger boost?
Former Rep. Giffords to continue rehab at Arizona home
Obama announces federal aid to help drought-hit farmers
How much do you know about Saudi Arabia? Take our quiz!
In London, Team USA individual brilliance outshone Spain
Global News Blog China's response to 2012 Olympics: American physique tough to beat
Modern Parenthood Don’t like Facebook babies? Look out, I’m posting vacation pix
What will future Mars missions look like?
Investigation: Norway police could have stopped Breivik sooner
Culture Cafe 'Falling Skies': The survivors find Charleston isn't what they imagined
President Obama to Mars rover team: 'Let me know' if you find Martians (+video)
Consumer finance watchdog: a birthday, but no one comes
Backchannels Egypt's Morsi cleans house. But a coup? Hardly
The Monitor's View How Paul Ryan pick by Romney can alter campaign
The Reformed Broker Carving the investor's Mount Rushmore
Decoder Buzz Poll: Obama wins if likely nonvoters show up
President Obama to congratulate Curiosity Mars rover team
In joining Romney, will Paul Ryan get his 'clear choice' campaign? (+video)
Chapter & Verse A new Amazon tablet on its way?
Syrian fighter jet crashes: debate over shoot down or technical failure
Indian yoga guru arrested during anticorruption protest
Opinion Paul Ryan – the anti-Palin
Chapter & Verse 'The Jefferson Lies' is recalled by publisher Thomas Nelson
Palestinians face losing their home on the (firing) range
Upfront Blog Teachers who excel: A lesson from Miss Smoot
Australia plans to deport asylum seekers to Pacific islands
Social Security: Surplus dwindling, huge shortfall looms
Opinion This Shark Week, let's love an animal that scares us
Latin America Monitor US suspends aid to Honduras over human rights concerns
Pope's butler faces trial for leaking documents
Junk food laws aimed at schools may help curb childhood obesity
Robert Reich Erasing W
Iran's government criticized over earthquake response
Terrorism & Security Syrian rebels seek no-fly zone to level playing field with Assad
A way out of grief
London 2012 closing ceremony ends a 'happy and glorious' Olympics
Readers Write: Lamar Smith is wrong. Obama's immigration policy isn't amnesty.
Stir It Up! Meatless Monday: Chilled mango cucumber gazpacho