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Monitor Articles for August 10, 2012

Top Picks: The Forsyte Saga in a box set, the Blank on Blank podcast, and more
New battle in 'Princess Wars': Disney dolls featuring ... your daughter's face
Scott Brown to Elizabeth Warren: Pony up for state's 'welfare voter' drive
Could ‘liking’ something on Facebook get you fired?
Drought slashes corn forecast. So prices fall?
Judgment time for 'America's Toughest Sheriff' Joe Arpaio
Syria civil war rages: why Hillary Clinton is focused on what comes after
Stir It Up! Cooking like Julia Child
The Reformed Broker Want to be a financial adviser? Read this first.
Horizons FTC settles with Facebook over privacy violations
Horizons Blizzard breach leaves user data exposed
Reader recommendation: Gemini Ship
Scientists create most disgusting robot yet (+video)
Chapter & Verse Spy author Charles Cumming discusses his new title 'A Foreign Country'
How well do you know Julia Child? Take our quiz!
We Women Warriors: movie review
'The Jaws Log': 5 stories about the classic movie
Chapter & Verse Asking 'Where's Waldo' helps increase local bookstore business
15 highest-paid authors of 2012
Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis in 'The Campaign': movie review
Horizons Free food and potential acquisitions: Marissa Mayer settles in at Yahoo
The Monitor's View After Sikh temple shooting, a healing act
London 2012 basketball: Why LeBron James and Co. are a true 'Dream Team'
The Bourne Legacy: movie review
Robert Reich Bold campaign pledge? Three weeks paid vacation for everyone.
Veepstakes: Why rise of Paul Ryan, Chris Christie signals trouble for Romney
Accusations of war crimes rob Syrian rebel fighters of moral high ground
NASA test spacecraft explodes in fiery crash at Cape Canaveral
Decoder Buzz Why is the Obama-Romney campaign rife with such awful ads?
NASA's Curiosity Mars rover to get software upgrade (+video)
Alarms sound over world food supply as drought wilts US Corn Belt
Colombia's Santos sees popularity dip as public worries about security
Syrian crisis: the case for the US to intervene now – or not
In Gear What cars do the 1 percent drive: Rolls-Royces or Honda Accords?
In London's riot-torn neighborhoods, Olympics buzz feels far away
Former Lebanese minister arrested for planning attacks for Syria's Assad
Dwight Howard trade to Lakers awaits NBA approval
France dismantles camps, deports Gypsies
Latin America Monitor Mexico takes on Brazil for Olympic soccer gold
Three US soldiers killed by man in Afghan uniform
Opinion Hillary Clinton must insist on a united Syrian opposition
Mass of volcanic rocks, 'size of Belgium,' floating off New Zealand
Tax VOX Romney tax plan 'conceptually' close to Simpson-Bowles? No way!
Why Japan is angry over South Korea's visit to an island
4 Chinese police officers on trial for helping Bo Xilai's wife
Difference Maker Scott Neeson left Hollywood to save destitute children in Cambodia
Terrorism & Security Syrian rebels receive UK funding, but no weapons
London 2012 soccer: How to play and beat Google (+video)
Opinion Shootings in Sikh temple and Arizona: Which crime is worse?
Modern Parenthood Why algebra is necessary; why Mom needs to get a grip on math phobia
In Gear Toyota Corolla to get dramatic overhaul
To pass by ... or not
Chinese economy slows sharply. Stimulus ahead?
Modern Parenthood Setting a good example of divorce: 48 years of kindness
E*Trade fires CEO as customers flee stocks
Sikh community: 'Grief shared is grief halved'
Was Putin in charge during Georgia war? Medvedev begs to differ.
Change Agent Could the blackout be fuel for India's energy entrepreneurs?