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Monitor Articles for August 1, 2012

Federal appeals panel blocks restrictive Arizona abortion law
Why Mars rover will be blasting its heat ray as it searches for life
Michael Phelps who? Nathan Adrian leads US on night for the underdogs.
Olympics: Why booting the badminton teams was the right call
How tea party and its unlikely allies nixed Atlanta's transit tax
New spiral galaxy image shows pair of supernovae
Gourmet Aleppo pepper: a culinary casualty of the Syria war
Olympics medal count: China edges back out in front of US Wednesday
Chick-fil-A supporters send message, eat chicken (+video)
Gore Vidal: a celebrity, a life writ large
Hillary Clinton goes to sub-Saharan Africa: a counterpoise to China's sway?
Mars rover: Scientists target huge crater in the search for signs of life (+video)
Latin America Monitor Brazil is stamping out favela violence – now on to trash collection and education
Fed says US economy has slowed, takes no new action
Horizons Microsoft puts a bow on Windows 8, sets official release date
Backchannels Worrying signs of lawlessness in Libya
With journalist's arrest, has Afghan election season begun?
Syria's iPhone insurgency makes for smarter rebellion
General Motors, Ford slip behind Japanese automakers
Court suppressed Apple evidence, Samsung releases it to media anyway
Africa Monitor Mali, Shari'a, and the Media
Defenders of Chick-fil-A fight back, from both right and left (+video)
Horizons Why did Google delay the Nexus Q?
With draft constitution, Somalia draws closer to democracy
The Monitor's View Create jobs – or create more graduates for existing jobs?
Everything you need to know about the Mars rover Curiosity (+video)
Amazon Instant Video on iPad: Apple makes everything easy and difficult
Judge in Drew Peterson case considers mistrial
Ted Cruz, pulling an upset, is poised to boost tea party ranks in Senate
NJ's MetLife Stadium to host huge celebration of Talmud
Defense cuts: Should defense firms notify workers of looming layoffs?
Oceans, plants help put the brakes on global warming, study finds (+video)
The Lucky Ones
Pussy Riot trial sends warning shot toward anti-Putin protesters
Reader recommendation: Midnight in Peking
Modern Parenthood Back-to-school shopping shocker: $700 for first-grade supplies?
Forget the Greeks, British ideals undergird the modern Olympics
Monitor Breakfast Rep. Steny Hoyer: Americans are now anxious, not angry
Chapter & Verse First official Harry Potter book club is formed Can ditching Hotmail help fend off Gmail and Yahoo?
Modern Parenthood Bloomberg breastfeeding plan: This mom wants choice, not nanny
Monitor Breakfast GOP leader offers advice for addressing Mitt Romney's likability problem
Israel considers drafting its Arab citizens
Cuban car crash: Driver contributed financial support for dissidents
In Gear Car loans: Is is time to refinance?
Microsoft and NASA team up for Curiosity Mars rover Xbox game (+video)
India's blackout carries heavy economic and political costs
London 2012 field hockey: In surprise upset, US takes down No. 2 Argentina
Panetta asks for patience as Israel looks to halt Iran's nuclear program (+video)
Chapter & Verse Amazon's Sara Nelson chats about her favorite August books
Backchannels In Syria, hardening sides, and risks of an even bloodier civil war
Change Agent 'Own your own boda' (motorcycle taxi) empowers Ugandans
Saving Money Mortgage refinancing: The White House wants to make it easier
Chapter & Verse Gore Vidal remembered: a larger-than-life literary presence (+video)
Focus In North Korea's industrial center, factories and wood-fueled trucks
Focus Inside North Korea, more cellphones and traffic lights, but real change lags
10 best books of August, according to Amazon's editors
Opinion The best pick for Romney vice president? The one no one's talking about.
Decoder Buzz Following the Obama-Romney race via smart-phone app: Good idea?
Stir It Up! Spicy grilled pork chops with fruit salsa
Mars Curiosity Rover soon to be available as a Hot Wheels toy (+video)
10 great Siri tricks that iPhone owners probably don't know
The Simple Dollar For extra savings, look in your trash
Herman Melville: 10 quotes on his birthday
Sunflowers' promise of hope and unity
Latin America Monitor Gang truce in El Salvador: An opportunity the region can't afford to miss
Gore Vidal: 10 quotes from the legendary author
From Our Files: the unvarnished Gore Vidal (+video)
Badminton players banished from London Olympics (+video)
Consumer Energy Report Why California and the Northeast need High-Speed Rail
Opinion Five ways the Republican National Convention can excite voters
2012 London Olympics: Don’t blink or you’ll miss the speeding objects
Terrorism & Security Assad honors Syrian Army as it faces defections, and existential threat
Patents dispute: Apple claims Samsung stole iPhone technology
Obama leads in three key swing states, but Romney can still sway voters
Power restored in India after world's worst blackout, cause unclear
Bloomberg to moms: Breastfeed your infants, please
The Reformed Broker Banks fall victim to con men
Chick-fil-A: Supporters, protesters plan dueling demonstrations
Romney's foreign trip ends on a high note in Poland
Investor alert: Bribery risks are rising