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Monitor Articles for July 8, 2012

Why single-sex education is spreading across the US
Roger Federer: Wimbledon win puts him back at No. 1 in tennis
Ernest Borgnine: An actor with nearly seven decades on screen (+video)
Cover Story Polling: a look inside the machinery of public opinion surveys
Obama, Romney campaign surrogates duke it out on TV blabfests
Saving Money Garbage soup: Put those table scraps to good use
Video shows Afghan woman being executed for adultery
Egypt's president reopens parliament, Army response awaited
Another $16 billion in aid, but Afghan businessmen say help us
In Gear June's best (and worst) selling cars
Why are all these conservatives beating up on Mitt Romney?
Whispers and rumors spread about Romney's veep
Egypt's president orders parliament to reopen
Serena Williams: Two Wimbledon championships in a day (+video)
Tens of thousands protest 'vote-buying' in Mexico
Libya's liberals claim they lead in historic election
Temperatures across the US cool slightly, but it's still hot
Afghanistan funding: Local media already feeling the pinch
The Simple Dollar Are you neglecting your air conditioner?
What could tighter voter ID laws mean in November?
Russian floods kill 150 after a foot of rain falls in a day (+video)
Will your Internet be cut off by DNS Changer Monday? How to find out.
Modern Parenthood China adoption diary: "Officially ours," Madeleine Bao Yi becomes a Belsie