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Monitor Articles for July 5, 2012

Former Argentine dictators found guilty of stealing babies (+video)
Did Pena Nieto win in Mexico? Official count confirms his victory (+video)
Navy exam-cheating may fall into 'grey area'
Will global sanctions succeed in Syria? (+video)
Why did a Florida judge set Zimmerman's bond at $1 million? (+video)
Higgs boson: It appears to be there, but what is it? (+video)
Can small volcanic eruptions affect global climate? (+video)
Tax VOX Will enough people buy into Obamacare?
Colorado 'megafire' highlights rise of longer, bigger, fiercer blazes
Weak retail sales figures push stocks lower
WikiLeaks targets Syria with 'embarrassing' trove (+video)
Happy Birthday, Spam! America's favorite canned meat turns 75 (+video)
Yacht accident in New York draws attention to boating safety (+video)
Cosmic scaffolding uncovered? Scientists find thread of dark matter.
Lessons from Air France Flight 447 Rio-to-Paris crash (+video)
Tunisian town's mourning of a suicide highlights softer side of Salafism
Massachusetts health-care reform tests impact of employer 'tax' on jobs
Many Russian NGOs face 'foreign agent' label
Paper Economy Jobless claims report shows another small decline
Robert Reich Big Pharma's $3 billion slap on the wrist
Culture Cafe Emma Stone: A superhero movie is only one of many genres for the star
The Monitor's View Baseball proudly wears its green
So what exactly is this Higgs boson thing anyway? (+video)
Utility crews race to restore power to hundreds of thousands (+video)
Global News Blog London's Shard: architectural marvel or enormous salt shaker?
Malware could kick 64,000 Americans offline Monday. Is your PC infected?
Decoder Buzz Tax, schmax: Does it matter what Romney calls the health-care mandate?
Horizons Apple love: Ratio of PC to Mac sales is at its lowest since 1997
Modern Parenthood Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise divorce: dealing with religious splits
French paper asserts officials know more about Arafat's death than told
As fireworks proliferate, injuries haven't. What does that say about safety?
Lifeguard fired for saving man outside his 'zone.' Outsourcing gone wrong? (+video)
In Gear Volkswagen completes Porsche takeover
Stefan Karlsson Baby bust: Germany's not-so-secret weakness
George Zimmerman to leave jail again as judge sets $1 million bond (+video)
The Higgs boson by the numbers
How did an entire star system's worth of dust just vanish? Scientists baffled.
Presidential election 'deja vu' in Mexico? (+video)
Japanese panel: Fukushima a 'man-made' disaster (+video)
The Lebanese sheikh who's leading a sit-in against Hezbollah
Syrian refugees flood Jordan, straining resources
Paper Economy June job report: Gains made in private sector employment
Plug-in vehicles taking the slow road to 1 million in sales
Ann Romney: Woman being eyed for ticket (+video)
Mermaids don't exist, says US government (+video)
Fifty years after Algerian freedom, youths take fresh look at France (+video)
Just a 'sorry'? Pakistanis question NATO supply line deal.
Culture Cafe 'Star Trek' star Chris Pine discusses the sequel
Higgs boson discovery could usher in 'new, wonderful technologies,' says physicist (+video)
Modern Parenthood Bikini onesie: Really? Baby girl clothes that go too far
Tax VOX Obamacare's 'tax' is mostly bark, not bite
Opinion 'Having it all' is so 1980s
Vanishing space dust baffles scientists (+video)
Lobster cheaper than bologna? True, thanks to surplus.
Giant filament of dark matter connects galaxy clusters, say astronomers (+video)
Roger Federer vs. Novak Djokovic in marquee match at Wimbledon
Chapter & Verse J.K. Rowling's publisher reveals cover art
George Zimmerman bond expected Thursday (+video)
Steve Nash traded to rival Los Angeles Lakers
San Diego fireworks show suffers 'premature ignition,' burns entire supply at once (+video)
Terrorism & Security First NATO trucks roll into Afghanistan after months of negotiation
Air France Flight 447: Bad sensors, pilot error contributed to crash (+video)
Particle physics field excited by potential Higgs boson discovery (+video)
WikiLeaks in the process of publishing material from 2.4 million Syrian e-mails
Crowded yacht capsizes off Long Island, N.Y., three die
US stock market climbs as world banks slash interest rates
Latin America Monitor Is it fair to rank 'failed' states?
Mitt Romney's 2012 running mate could be a woman, says Ann Romney (+video)
Garden prayers
Modern Parenthood China adoption diary: The Great Wall and pig knuckle pizza itinerary
Change Agent Three families pledge to raise $30 million in aid for US veterans
Stir It Up! Chipotle corn and zucchini salad
Home, restored