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Monitor Articles for July 31, 2012

Texas: Tea Party favorite wins Republican nomination (+video)
Where to watch Curiosity's Mars landing? Times Square.
Will the Tea Party favorite win Texas' runoff?
Michael Phelps wins record 19th medal, but did you see Chad le Clos?
Gay marriage: California's Prop. 8 lands on doorstep of US Supreme Court (+video)
New Iran sanctions: why President Obama is tightening the screws
Health-care reform: Massachusetts tries to crack the code on rising costs
NASA's Curiosity rover completes crucial course correction en route to Mars (+video)
India's big power blackout: Why coal hasn't been a savior
Mitt Romney's foreign trip ends. Good thing for him these are the dog days.
Olympics gymnastics: in US team gold, a glimpse of the real Jordyn Wieber
Tea party lawmakers pave way to deal, averting a government shutdown
Why have F-22 pilots passed out at the controls? Pentagon solves mystery.
Higher taxes for a smoother commute? Metro Atlanta votes today.
Global News Blog London Olympics: To foreign eyes, NBC is all about U-S-A, U-S-A
'Star Trek' actors star in new Mars rover landing videos (+video)
Elizabeth Warren: What will Obama's 'you didn't build that' ally say to DNC?
Why so many Americans are riveted by the Drew Peterson case
Syrian opposition's volunteer medics keep working, despite death threats
Afghan governance: more Judge Dredd than Jefferson
2 novels about dysfunctional families on vacation
Reader recommendation: The Sojourn
How livable is the Red Planet? NASA's Curiosity Mars rover seeks to find out. (+video)
Egypt's beleaguered Christians worry about persecution, neglect under Morsi
Opinion Republican references to 'real Americans' incite division and fear
London 2012: Artistic gymnastics men's rings aren't the only thing to celebrate today
Backchannels Why the Taliban are happy that the US and Pakistan patched things up
The Monitor's View When half of India loses electricity, time for lessons on going local
Unmanned Russian cargo ship undocks from space station
Modern Parenthood 2012 Olympics: Chess should be included – for players and parents
What foreign trip revealed about Mitt Romney's world view, gaffes aside
Bestselling books the week of 8/2/12, according to IndieBound*
Chapter & Verse Jonah Lehrer: some blame media adoration for his fabrications
UN envoy visits Myanmar as ethnic clashes test reforms
In Gear Shop for your car online with BMW
Romney visit: 'Poland stands as defender of freedom'
Olympics medal count: Missy Franklin and US swimmers lead the medal haul
Five essential facts about NASA's Mars Curiosity rover (+video)
How Twitter is shaping the London Olympics, for better or worse (+video)
Romney denies criticism of Palestinian culture at Israel fundraiser
Latin America Monitor Uruguay: A laboratory for controversial drug policies?
GOP roadshow: Senators pound on need to stave off defense cuts
Chapter & Verse Olympics + 'Hunger Games' = a big boost for archery
Chapter & Verse Maeve Binchy is remembered by Ireland's leaders, fellow writers
Culture Cafe 'Dexter' stars preview the new season
Culture Cafe 'Ruby Sparks' brings life to a predictable story
Change Agent 'Popovers for Pigs' helps green up famous Acadia National Park restaurant
Mass. beach stays open after possible shark attack
Ye Shiwen: Furor over 'unbelievable' gold brings cold war to London Olympics (+video)
Opening statements in Drew Peterson trial set for Tuesday
London 2012: Artistic gymnastics men's rings individual event is up for grabs
The Reformed Broker How are value managers predicting global markets?
Texas runoffs see tea party, mainline GOP clash
Lions in Nairobi? A new suburban problem
Latin America Monitor 5 things to watch for in Venezuelan kingpin Walid Makled's trial
The Simple Dollar Cost per use: The concept that will save your checkbook
Opinion Iran's new quest for nuclear submarines: dangerous and needless
Suspected Aurora, Colo. shooter James Holmes gets 24 murder charges (+video)
Focus Public-sector belt-tightening: thrift, or long-term drag on US economy?
Consumer Energy Report How much does US oil contribute to carbon emissions? Not as much as you think.
Geithner meets eurozone leaders: a step toward taming debt crisis?
World's biggest blackout: 620 million people without power in India
Foster care: Overall population drops, states have mixed results
How Jonah Lehrer was caught inventing Bob Dylan quotes
Stir It Up! Cajun stewed corn and tomatoes
Terrorism & Security From Iran to China, Romney's comments in Israel earn him international criticism
The Circle Bastiat Empty seats at the Olympics: Bad price control to blame?
Donald Marron Has government gotten bigger or smaller? Both.
Backchannels Is Syria's Bashar al-Assad on the ropes?
Peace, safety, and the Olympic ideal