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Monitor Articles for July 25, 2012

Obama calls for better background checks on gun buyers
Arab nations to push UN General Assembly for resolution on Syria
Flag faux pas at the Olympics angers North Koreans
Romney says suspect obtained guns illegally
Hospital bills forgiven for Colorado shooting victims
Middle-class tax cut extension passes Senate: Policy or politics?
Colorado shooting: How Americans deal with media-driven events
Progress Watch Smoking bans: Tobacco-free college campuses on rise in US
Civics lesson from Justice O’Connor: Obama’s health-care remarks ‘unusual’
Ron Paul's last hurrah: a big, bipartisan vote to 'Audit the Fed'
In Gear Nine things that affect your car's resale value
Wall Street ends mixed
Accused gunman James Holmes sent notebook with plan to psychologist
Forced to think about families of Holmes, Paterno, and Sandusky
The tweet that ousted a Greek Olympian: youthful mistake or slur?
Olympics soccer: dynamic duo sparks USA comeback against France
Odyssey successfully positioned for new Mars Rover's landing, NASA says
WikiLeaks: Famous Spanish judge to defend Assange against 'American scheme'
Twitter taking on reality TV?
Is there an antimatter mirror universe? Massive space-based detector seeks to find out.
Kepler telescope spots alien solar system that looks strangely like our own
Afghan war: Did US commanders cover up 'horrific' conditions at hospital?
Horizons Apple, the juggernaut, stumbles overseas
After 20-year battle, protests over Italian high-speed train derail
The Monitor's View Moral mantle for action in Syria slips from UN to Obama
The Simple Dollar What are job benefits worth?
Mitt Romney's overseas trip: where he's going and why
Chad Everett remembered for 'Medical Center,' other TV and film dramas
Horizons Apple's best new tricks in the new Mountain Lion OS
Buckyballs crackdown: Feds act to stop sale of magnetic toys
Progress Watch Kids Count report: America's children are advancing despite the economy
Gigantic 'Grand Canyon' buried beneath Antarctic ice (+video)
Massive Greenland iceberg heading toward open ocean (+video)
Verbal Energy The double life of commas
Culture Cafe Christian Bale visits victims of shooting at Colorado hospital (+video)
L.A. earthquake: Blasé Angelinos snooze through temblor
India riots: Illegal immigration is behind deadly clashes in Assam
Opinion What would 'President Romney' do about Syria?
Humongous hidden Antarctic rift could be speeding ice melt, say scientists (+video)
Play time: Kids have less time, more imagination for make believe
Despite bloody headlines, Americans still flock to Mexico
Ohio bridge bombing plot suspect Anthony Hayne pleads guilty
Opinion Five things international community must give Syria after Bashar al-Assad
Credit card settlement: Win for retailers? Wal-Mart says no.
Why gun sales spike after mass shootings: It's not what you might think
Monitor Breakfast Steny Hoyer: Neither party is spoiling for a fight over a government shutdown
Global News Blog Why China is founding a new city on a coral reef
Global News Blog Why has North Korea kept silent on Kim Jong-un's wife until now? (+video)
Four things Syria must do after Bashar al-Assad
'Anglo Saxon' remark: Romney distances self from report
Syria's cyberwars: using social media against dissent
A year after freedom, South Sudanese languish up north
NASA's Curiosity rover to explore bizarre Martian mountain (+video)
George Bernard Shaw: 12 memorable quotes on his birthday
London Olympics what to watch today: Women's soccer, USA vs. France
What caused the sudden massive ice melt in Greenland? (+video)
Opinion Romney and Obama on foreign policy: short on specifics
Sally Ride was gay. Should that matter? (+video)
Global News Blog India's new president: focus is on prosperity, not terrorism
How an Indian wrestler defied gender taboos
A British track star jumps through a tough decade
Stir It Up! Chocolate peanut butter chocoflan
What is subtropical plankton doing in Arctic waters?
What Mountain Lion offers Apple OSX users
Modern Parenthood Boy flies without ticket from UK to Rome. Why wasn't he detected?
National Zoo cheetah cubs to make public debut (+video)
Nicaragua's Olympic hero returns to the Summer Games – as a Nicaraguan
Mars rover's crazy-looking landing plan is technically sound, says NASA (+video)
Culture Cafe 'Follow the Leader' documentary features 16-year-olds dreaming of the presidency
Latin America Monitor Venezuela's liberation hero Simon Bolivar turns 229
Elton John: 5 stories from his new memoir
Sally Ride: Why aren't there any openly gay astronauts? (+video)
Where They Stand
After death of Ghana's president, a calm transition
Sudden Greenland ice sheet melt baffles scientists (+video)
Reader recommendation: Full Dark, No Stars
Katherine Jackson: Lawyer says protecting kids is main concern (+video)
L.A. earthquake rattles, Indonesia quake rocks
5 celebrations of summer from American writers
Anaheim police shooting protest turns violent (+video)
Chapter & Verse Hotel swaps the Bible for – 'Fifty Shades of Grey'?
Change Agent Teach Twice shares stories with the world
10 most intriguing fall books, according to Amazon's editors
Decoder Buzz Obama widens his lead in polls. So why does it feel like he's in trouble?
North Korean leader's mystery woman is not his sister
Why gun sales are surging in Colorado (+video)
Olympic soccer: Are US women facing the future in France?
Summer of the 'hummer'
Indian soldiers patrol Assam state following deadly riots
Summer Olympics Soccer: 5 athletes to watch
Terrorism & Security Fearing spillover, Turkey closes border with Syria as Aleppo braces for war
Sherman Hemsley played the 'black Archie Bunker' of sitcom
Boy boards plane to Rome without ticket, passport
USA vs. Spain: A sneak preview of gold medal match?
'Rise up and walk'
Focus Mongolia strikes it rich, but at what cost?
Focus Mongolia's relationship status with China? Complicated.
Apple's earnings miss could undermine wobbly market
What to do when the Olympics aren't fun anymore
The Simple Dollar Money-saving tip 204: community-supported agriculture
Galaxy Tab 7.7 banned in Europe in patent case
Colorado shooting draws attention to gun control (+video)