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Monitor Articles for July 23, 2012

Will Syria use chemical weapons against foreigners?
Colorado shooting suspect appeared groggy in court
In Gear Want a BMW for an hour? Carmaker's rental service to debut in US.
NASA experiment blows up in space, as intended
Obama vs. Romney: VFW hosting campaign side trip into foreign policy
Rat muscle + rubbery film = world's first artificial jellyfish (+video)
Mariah Carey joins American Idol Season 12 judging panel
Colorado shooting: Why calling Obama 'anti-gun' is smart politics
Astronaut Sally Ride 'broke barriers with grace and professionalism,' says NASA (+video)
Colorado shooting: What did suspect's family know? Mom issues clarification. (+video)
The Reformed Broker Junk bonds spawn optimists, pessimists. Are they both right?
Penn State sanctions: NCAA aims to end 'mindset' that led to tragedy
Horizons iPhone 5 may ship with micro dock: report
Modern Parenthood Penn State NCAA ruling: spare the rod, spoil the child strategy
Second day of triple-digit losses for stock market
Israeli team killed in 1972 honored in London Olympic village
Colorado shooting: 'No show of emotion' as suspect appears in court (+video)
Biden speech avoids politics, expressess sympathy for Colo. shooting victims
Polar bears, brown bears interbred during warm periods. Is it happening again? (+video)
Sen. Scott Brown's new web ad attempts to tie Warren to Obama
Bad Religion
Reader recommendation: Peace Be With You
NASA tests inflatable heat shield (+video)
Earth as art: the top five Landsat images (+video)
The Entrepreneurial Mind You're a small firm? Don't rush to be big.
Syria holds out threat of chemical weapons against 'exterior aggression'
Horizons Amazon to introduce new Kindle Fire lineup, says report
NCAA punishes Penn State for Sandusky scandal
Modern Parenthood Colorado shooting: How parents can find balance with teenagers
Landsat program marks 40 years of photographing Earth from space (+video)
Opinion Voter ID laws are inherently reasonable, not racist or Republican
Is a pro-Romney ad racist? Five questions to ask yourself
Odd-colored lobsters baffle scientists, fisherman
The Simple Dollar How much do you really make? Calculate your 'true' hourly wage.
An amazing video of nighttime views from the space station
Modern Parenthood YouTube introduces face blurring option, enhanced privacy setting
World gets first look at James Holmes, suspect in Colorado shooting (+video)
Turks turn to Twitter as Erdogan muzzles traditional media
Modern Parenthood Colorado shooting: children and gun fatalities
Campaigns resume attacks after pause for Colorado shooting
Foreclosed homes: Now, they're hot properties
An American Olympian rebuilds a life through judo and friends
A Japanese Olympian defies the age barrier
The Monitor's View NCAA sanctions on Penn State football: Why only penalties?
Chapter & Verse Paterno biography: Can it recover from bad timing?
Chapter & Verse Goodreads reviews: Are they fair?
Culture Cafe 'The Dark Knight Rises': 10 things to know before seeing the film
NASA test of hypersonic inflatable heat shield a success (+video)
Focus It's all about Ohio: Could Rob Portman boost Romney's chances? (+video)
Romney's Mass. immigration record mixed
The Reformed Broker Hedge fund manager: patient and confident enough to do nothing
Stir It Up! Meatless Monday: Crustless chard quiche
Space smells like seared steak, hot metal, astronauts report (+video)
Global News Blog Beijing floods unleash online criticism of government (+video)
Scientists create artificial jellyfish from rat heart cells (+video)
Bloomberg pushes candidates for specific gun-control plan
Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes was an 'unusually bad intern'
Epic Adam Scott meldown hands British Open to Ernie Els
Bullied bus monitor: Fundraising campaign closes at $700,000
12 recipes to beat the heat wave
Colorado wildfires: Volunteers help families find belongings
Latin America Monitor Why is Google picking a fight with the mafia?
USA basketball team escapes with win in Argentina warmup
Penn State wins vacated from '98-11, fined $60M (+video)
Change Agent Water harvesting slakes thirst at an innovative Kenyan inn
McDonald's profit slip due to slowing global economy, strong dollar
Terrorism & Security Syria's war reaches solidly pro-Assad Aleppo
Colorado shooting suspect: What are the charges against James Holmes?
Attacks in Iraq signal Al Qaeda is on the rise again (+video)
Stock market: Fears of Spanish bailout spook traders worldwide
In Gear Honda recall: Doors won't stay closed on CR-Vs, Acuras