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Monitor Articles for July 22, 2012

Upfront Blog The end of 'faster, higher, stronger?'
Colorado shooting: a day of prayerful memorials and a presidential visit (+video)
In Gear AAA mobile takes bundling to heart, rolls three apps in one
African Union gets a South African leader, lending the group heft
The Simple Dollar The big trade-off: Do you have what it takes to pay off your debt?
NCAA poised to hit Penn State with 'corrective and punitive measures'
Japan investigates alleged cover-up at nuclear plant
Wiggins becomes first Brit to win Tour de France
The Reformed Broker Alan Abelson and his 'Bad-news Bulls'
Cover Story Olympic mettle: athletes who overcame barriers to get to London
Getting to the Olympics on borrowed shoes
Cattle herds dwindle in drought
Beijing hit by heaviest rain in six decades (+video)
Joe Paterno statue: Penn State brings down 'obstacle to healing' (+video)
India's former finance minister wins presidency
With helicopter gunships, Syrian regime wins back parts of capital
A year after Breivik's massacre, Norway tightens antiterror laws
China moves to formally garrison South China Sea
Uniformed troops march in gay pride parade
Comfort in response to the shootings in Colorado