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Monitor Articles for July 2, 2012

Higgs boson excitement: Almost palpable (+video)
Western firefighters report progress, concerns (+videos)
Will researchers solve the mystery of Amelia Earhart's disappearance? (+video)
Syria: 'Largest single-day exodus', Turkish media report
Romney vs. Obama and Bain vs. Solyndra: Who will win?
Robert Reich Mitt Romney, Bain Capital and the New Gilded Age
Will scientists announce discovery of Higgs boson? Buzz is building. (+video)
Why is it taking so long to get power back? Actually, it's not. (+video)
Congress's dirty secret: behind scenes, it's working to fix problems
The Circle Bastiat Liberty for all: Will the real 'Mr. Republican' please stand up?
Who's in town, who's not as Washington recovers, slowly, from big storm
Slowing manufacturing numbers lead to mixed day on The Street
How the 'derecho' storm came to be such a surprise to the mid-Atlantic
Ex-NASA astronaut killed in jet ski accident
Iran missile test: glimpse of what's ahead if nuclear talks fail
Readers Write: The dangers of big banks and second-hand marijuana smoke
The Reformed Broker Microsoft to Apple: We're coming for you now
Decoder Buzz Rupert Murdoch says Mitt Romney needs 'more fight.' Is he right?
For Mexicans, relief that next president won't have free rein
Sweet football victory helps Spain forget economic crisis
The Simple Dollar 401(k) strategies: Should money be taken out before or after taxes?
Physicists edge closer to 'God particle' discovery (+video)
Why did Jeneba Tarmoh pull out of 100-meter runoff? (+video)
Global News Blog British deaths in Afghanistan: How the war has fallen out at home
The Monitor's View What kind of PRI will rule Mexico?
Somali rescue operation frees 4 kidnapped foreign aid workers
10 coolest cars you've never heard of
Latin America Monitor Five key takeaways as PRI heads back to presidency in Mexico
10 best books of July, according to Amazon
Bullied bus monitor: 'fine' with boys' one-year suspension
Saving Money Order up: 6 ways to make more money as a waiter or waitress
How To Watch the Olympics
Chapter & Verse Louisana eliminates state funding for libraries
75 years after her disappearance, Amelia Earhart attracts interest in her hometown (+video)
How Massachusetts is faring under its landmark health-care reform law
Air Force C-130 crashes while fighting wildfire
Lobster glut drives price per pound lower than bologna
'God particle' data falls short of proof, say Fermilab researchers (+video)
Kid apps: Are mobile providers protecting your child's privacy?
Company promises flights to the moon aboard recycled Soviet space station
Mid-Atlantic residents, still without power, don headlamps, skirt fallen trees
The Amazing Spider-Man: movie review (+trailer)
Saudi women allowed to compete, but will fear keep them home?
Culture Cafe 'True Blood' star Jacob Hopkins discusses playing the youngest vampire
Russia's outreach to Syria's opposition hints at policy pivot
'Ted' wins weekend box office, 'Brave' has staying power
Paper Economy May construction spending shows incremental increases
Could attacks on Kenyan churches spark violent Christian backlash?
Toting a fake Space Shuttle nose, NASA's 'Super Guppy' touches down in Seattle
Private space telescope to hunt for big Earthbound asteroids (+video)
Apple pays $60 million to keep the iPad name
Latin America Monitor Mexico's election violence-free: a turning point?
Maria Sharapova, No. 1 seed, defeated at Wimbledon
CERN physicists to make 'God particle' announcement Wednesday (+video)
After six months in orbit, space station astronauts land safely in Kazakhstan (+video)
Colorado Springs residents tour 'unreal' wildfire devastation (+video)
Usain Bolt: Still the world's fastest man?
Terrorism & Security Mali Islamists vow to destroy 'every mausoleum' in Timbuktu
Chief Justice Roberts: A more nuanced view after healthcare ruling
The Daily Reckoning When governments spend wealth, instead of building it
Opinion This 4th of July: The dawn of a new 'independents' day
Tiger Woods: He's got his groove back (+video)
Keep Calm Islamists destroy Timbuktu heritage sites: Why are these targets?
Summer storms leave 2 million people without power (+video)
Stock market rises in early trading as US awaits jobs report
Change Agent SideCar offers smartphone-based ride-sharing
In returning PRI to power, Mexicans put faith in young democracy (+video)
Love stops crime
Oil prices fall as optimism over EU plan fades
Stefan Karlsson Spain wins UEFA Euro 2012. Does good soccer mean a bad economy?
Opinion Five lessons from Kosovo on peacemaking and problem-solving
Stir It Up! Meatless Monday: Beet risotto