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Monitor Articles for July 19, 2012

Blinky stays with me
Worst drought in 50 years could last through October
McCain calls accusations against Clinton aide 'sinister' (+video)
Hunting leopard caught on camera for the second time
Feds: California nuclear plant didn't mislead regulators
City slugfest: L.A.'s 'Subway to the Sea' runs aground in Beverly Hills
'You didn't build that': Obama's business quip is gift to Romney campaign
The Reformed Broker Breakaway brokers find a surprisingly bullish market
GOP conservatives scramble to take government shutdown off the table
Obamacare is radical? Vermont thinks even bigger, with single-payer plan.
The Simple Dollar Better in bulk: Buy staples in large quantities to save money
Making college affordable: five ways that states, schools are trying to help
US stocks creep up; IBM, other tech stocks rise
The Monitor's View America's big drought: Time to rethink water conservation
Tenn. mosque unready for Ramadan due to lawsuit delays
Asian-Americans take higher profile in congressional races
Orion space capsule: NASA gets ready for 2014 test launch
Lawyers want Guantánamo war crimes case televised, but judge seems skeptical
Will Curiosity be NASA's last Mars rover? (+video)
Israel softens response to bus bombing, with eye to Iran talks
The Candidate
Reader recommendation: Calling Invisible Women
Modern Parenthood With rescued dog Albie, family learns to hold on to the leash
Horizons Nokia loses $1.7 billion, but Lumia phones kept it from being much worse
George Zimmerman's Fox News interview: Risky step for Trayvon Martin's killer?
Culture Cafe Robin Williams will play Eisenhower, according to report
Self-proclaimed 'toughest sheriff' faces racial profiling allegations
Iran vs. Israel: 8 recent attacks Israel blames on Iran
Syria resolution defeated at UN. Does that free up US to act on its own?
New polls show glaring weaknesses for both Obama and Romney
Opinion The way forward in Syria after Bashar al-Assad
Decoder Buzz Michele Bachmann links Clinton aide to extremists. Has she gone too far? (+video)
Chapter & Verse Schumer challenges DOJ on e-book lawsuit
Hezbollah on bus bombing: We wouldn't target tourists for revenge (+video)
In Gear Sharing is caring: Onstar to let GM owners rent out their cars
Horizons A look at the original iPad prototype
Change Agent US students major in ... philanthropy
Attacks target voices of moderate Islam in central Russia
The New Economy Housing is suddenly a bright spot for economy
Decoder Buzz Why won't Mitt Romney release more tax returns?
NASA probe spots bizarre lightning storm on Saturn
Spanish tennis star Nadal pulls out of London Olympics
Verbal Energy How makers make their mark without meetings
Monstrous iceberg breaks free of Greenland glacier. Is climate change to blame? (+video)
Montana camp for adopted children operating without license, denies fault
Saving Money Want to get rich? Creating a financial cushion is the first step
Latin America Monitor The controversy behind Venezuela's sweeping judicial reforms
Chapter & Verse You bought – a crack house?
Hezbollah 101: Who is the militant group, and what does it want?
Quiz: How much do you know about terrorism?
Donald Marron The Paradox of Choice: A theory loses favor
Opinion A win for 'secularists' in Libya? It's not what you think.
Stir It Up! Zucchini apricot cake with lemon glaze
Why did Neanderthals have such humongous right arms? (+video)
Briefing New trouble in Congo
Ancient spiral galaxy baffles astronomers (+video)
Dumping iron in the ocean could slow global warming, say scientists (+video)
Modern Parenthood Spanking: For ostrich parents, the issue is black and white
Tiger Woods off to a good start at British Open, shoots 67
Omar Suleiman, Mubarak intel chief, dies as quietly as he worked
Robert Reich The problem: Big business doesn't care about American well-being
Culture Cafe Emmy nominations: 'Mad Men,' 'American Horror Story' come out ahead (+video)
Surviving Harvard: 7 stories from freshman year
Chapter & Verse Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng will release memoir
On Syrian border, artillery thumps in shadows of medieval castle
Modern Parenthood Marissa Mayer: Take longer maternity leave – for yourself and us
China shows no support for UN Syria vote, condemns rebel bombing
George Zimmerman says he is 'sorry' but not in the wrong in TV interview
US drought: how it could impact food, water needs around the world
'Dare mighty things'
Terrorism & Security Iran denies involvement in Bulgaria bus bombing (+video)
HSBC money laundering: Bank vows fixes. Senators doubtful.
‘No drink 4 U!’ Opposition to proposed soda ban bubbles up in New York