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Monitor Articles for July 12, 2012

San Bernardino bankruptcy: Exacerbated by criminal acts?
Syrian army accused of attacking hundreds (+video)
When did Romney leave Bain? (+video)
Mont Blanc avalanche: 'Scary and tragic' (+video)
Pluto now has at least five moons. Can we go back to calling it a planet?
In Syria: Why is Turkey reluctant to take the lead?
Nike pulls Joe Paterno name off child care center (+video)
The Simple Dollar Material world: Tips to help children grow up free of entitlement
Biggest loser in DirecTV-Viacom feud? Both. (+video)
Cities going broke: Can Scranton's minimum wage plan work? (+video)
Study: With OxyContin harder to misuse, abusers shift to harder drugs
Before Stockton: five other big financial crises for US municipalities
Stocks slide on Wall Street for sixth straight day
Recovery of most complete skeleton of human ancestor to be streamed live (+video)
Tax VOX Keeping perspective: Taxes do not always drive the economy
Upfront Blog Women warriors: How close to combat?
Kristin Chenoweth thanks fans for 'their prayers'
WikiLeaks scores big win against Visa
In a France suspicious of religion, evangelicalism's message strikes a chord
Humongous solar flare erupts in our direction (+video)
Evidence exists to bring Syria war-crimes case: French diplomat (+video)
Decoder Buzz Why Democrats are hesitant to vote on Obama's tax plan
Sunset to transform New York City into 'Manhattanhenge'
Global News Blog Why is Romania's president facing impeachment vote?
Penn State scandal: Will new bombshells overshadow career of Joe Paterno?
Robert Reich Regressives and Progressives: A new brand of partisanship
Oregon cave discovery suggests lost ancient American culture (+video)
Latin America Monitor Who would be better for Cuba: Romney or Obama?
French Alps avalanche is the deadliest since 2008 (+video)
Teen Vogue protest: More demands for unaltered photos
Wells Fargo to pay $175M in discrimination lawsuit
Decoder Buzz Joe Biden fires up NAACP. Where was President Obama?
Isuzu SUVs recalled for corrosion include 11,000 cars. Are you affected?
Abuse on campus: Will Florida A&M death bring crackdown on hazing?
Hubble telescope reveals mysterious 'ghost galaxies' of ancient universe
Why aid money has returned to Malawi
FBI report: No evidence George Zimmerman is racist
Paper Economy Extended unemployment numbers show further slight declines
Change Agent Women bring a new approach to philanthropy
Syrian ambassador's defection boosts idea of booting Assad, keeping others
Russian crackdown on dissent goes virtual
Chapter & Verse The Big Read: National initiative returns for its seventh year
Myanmar open for US business, but is it a safe bet?
The Monitor's View Essence of Penn State report on Sandusky scandal: Protect children's innocence
Opinion Sandusky report: Penn State the institution was more important than individuals
Bizarre prehistoric giant turtle was almost perfectly round
Native Americans arrived in at least three waves, finds DNA study
Michael Jordan rejects Kobe Bryant's 'Dream Team' comparison
Jerry Sandusky probe: Penn State showed 'total disregard' for kids' safety (+video)
Modern Parenthood Teens waiting to get drivers' licenses, prefer public transport
Horizons Yahoo hack steals 400,000 passwords. Is yours on the list?
The Reformed Broker Second quarter predictions continue to decrease as stocks fall
Pluto's new moon could cause problems for space probe, says NASA (+video)
Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.'s 'mood disorder' raising questions (+video)
Global News Blog Why won't China sign the South China Sea code of conduct? (+video)
Stir It Up! Garlic scapes and pan-fried sea bass
Opinion Ehud Olmert could be Israel's comeback kid – and make peace with Palestinians
Decoder Buzz Was Mitt Romney hoping to be booed during NAACP speech? (+video)
Another day, another defector from Assad's Syria
Shakira, Obama help some Afro-Colombian communities threatened with displacement
Somalia sends troops to rescue aid workers nabbed by pirates
Modern Parenthood Queen Latifah a mom? Star says she may adopt a child.
Opinion Five tough truths about US-China relations
Jobless claims plunge to a 4-year low. Good sign?
Jamie Dimon: 4 questions for CEO as bank earnings loom
Global News Blog US eases sanctions on Myanmar in rare difference with Aung San Suu Kyi
DirecTV loses MTV, Nickelodeon, and Viacom's free online shows
Terrorism & Security Days after woman executed, Karzai asks Taliban to enter politics
North Korea leader gives thumbs up to 'Rocky,' Disney characters (+video)
Stefan Karlsson Paul Krugman versus Paul Krugman
Adoption: US-Russian pact met with caution, hope
Culture Cafe '666 Park Avenue': A show worth watching this fall
How to toss an anklebone and shoot an arrow like a Mongolian
Horizons Amazon smart phone rumors: we could see a 'Kindle Phone' in 2012
Joe Biden's NAACP rebuttal to Mitt Romney
Mass. housing complex flag ban enrages tenants
Saudi Arabia to send first-ever female athletes to Olympics
For region's Islamists, Morsi win in Egypt expands sense of the possible
Saving Money Get out of town: the world's 10 best-reviewed hotels
Avalanche in French Alps leaves at least nine dead, several missing (+video)
Penn State scandal: Joe Paterno vs. Louis Freeh
How can 'now' be eternal?
Modern Parenthood China adoption diary: Matters of trust involve a headlock on Dad
Paper Economy Mortgage rates fall to 3.71 percent, hit yet another record low
10 best comic works in all of literature
Henry David Thoreau: 12 quotes on his birthday