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Monitor Articles for July 10, 2012

Rausing London home sealed off by police
Episcopal Church: Largest to approve same-sex union blessing (+video)
In Egypt: Will dialogue resolve the conflict? (+video)
Does climate change increase the odds of extreme weather events? (+video)
Attorney General Eric Holder, in Texas, slams state's voter ID law
Better than nothing? Bloodsucking parasite named after Bob Marley.
The Simple Dollar Common dollars and sense: Eating less fast food does a body good
Model plane plot: Physics grad intent on attacking US 'snake' to plead guilty (+video)
Expect more weird weather, says NOAA
Kofi Annan, in jab at US, travels to Tehran to say Iran can help on Syria (+video)
The Entrepreneurial Mind Bad news bears: Small business owners’ pessimism bad for America
Europe seals Spain bailout
Michelle Obama on the campaign trail in Florida
Decoder Buzz Is Obama's tax plan a 'job-killer'?
Gas prices jump, with summer vacations in full swing
Baseball cards collection found in attic could be worth millions
Stir It Up! Stuffed eggs with pimento cheese
After $60M court case, Apple sets release date for latest iPad in China
ASEAN: Can US open door to Asia trade by softening stance on China?
Morsi-military standoff: How big a blow to Egypt? (+video)
Stocks fall for a fourth day as tech profits slump
Stefan Karlsson Do Canada's non-Germanic speakers have higher unemployment?
Intercountry adoption: Russian parliament ratifies Russia-US pact
Global News Blog Is Kim Jong-un's mystery lady signaling a shift for North Korea?
Google to pay $22.5M over allegations of secret tracking: source
Health-care reform: Do Republicans stand to gain from repeal vote?
Focus Oh, for the simpler Olympic Games of 1948
Global News Blog From planning battles to organizing trash collection: Libyans settle into peace
RIM CEO: BlackBerry 10 could save the embattled company
Horizons Ouya brings free-to-play games to TVs
Health-care reform: How has the individual mandate worked in Massachusetts?
The Monitor's View Feeling poor? Wealthy? Here's a reason why.
Robert Reich Read my lips: Obama not trying to spark 'class warfare'
Modern Parenthood Thomas Lubanga sentenced, but child soldiers still struggle
2012 shaping up to be hottest on record in US
Bestselling books the week of 7/12/12, according to IndieBound*
Amid Higgs boson celebrations, Indians see a snub (+video)
More prison for feminist punk rockers riles liberal Russians
Little America
Focus Have the Olympics gotten too big?
Global News Blog Stopping to smell the grass in Mongolia
Paper Economy On the margins: Calculating the 'total unemployment' rate
Decoder Buzz Is Mitt Romney really ahead in the money race? (+video)
Hurricane Emilia packs the biggest punch of 2012 season
Change Agent Seeing 'vacant' lots as a community asset
Nigeria's Boko Haram takes credit for Sunday attacks on Christians
5 reasons 'Fifty Shades of Grey' is everywhere
After attacks, Kenyan Muslims guard Christian churches
Culture Cafe Philip Seymour Hoffman signs on for 'Hunger Games' sequel 'Catching Fire'
Former Israeli prime minister Olmert cleared of key corruption charges (+video)
Neiman Marcus, Target team up for designer holiday lineup
Mass. man to plead in remote-controlled plane Pentagon bomb plot
Donald Marron How behavioral science can improve tax policy
A Venezuela where race tracks glistened and hotels housed tourists
Child labor: Farming parents defend putting children to work
'Frankenstein' mummies provide breakthrough to researchers
The strange sound of Northern lights captured by Finnish researchers (+video)
Obama visits Iowa to make pitch on tax cuts
The Socialist, the Tory, and the queen: Hollande visits UK
Prince Fielder blasts 28 homers to win All Star Home Run Derby
Terrorism & Security Not so defiant: Egypt's parliament meets for 5 minutes
Hope Solo explains why she failed a drug test
Thomas Lubanga: Congolese warlord first person ever sentenced by ICC (+video)
Obama tax proposal: Who makes more than $250k, and are they rich? (+video)
Small business owners' optimism slides in June
Opinion One benefit from expanded Medicaid: savings from more available contraception
Modern Parenthood China adoption diary: A many-Kleenex visit to Grace’s orphanage
Latin America Monitor US Drug Enforcement Agency kills another suspected drug runner in Honduras
Tax VOX Obama plays it safe on taxes. Too bad.
'The Boy Kings': 6 stories from a Facebook employee
Romney's June fundraising outpaces Obama's
Having it all?