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Monitor Articles for June 29, 2012

Colorado wildfire claims second fatality, 360 homes burned
Report: Cyberattacks on critical US targets surge
Robert Reich Game changer: Justice Roberts switches teams
Colorado wildfires are 'what global warming really looks like' (+video)
Leap second: Earth's slowing rotation makes Saturday one second longer (+video)
Death Valley heat in Kansas? How the end of June got so hot.
Is the Obama health-care law a huge tax increase?
After 13 days in orbit, China's first female astronaut returns to Earth (+video)
World markets surge after Europe finds rescue plan
Tax VOX Verdict’s in: SCOTUS upholds passel of health care tax provisions
Samsung ordered to stop selling Galaxy Tab 10.1 in US
Horizons What's new in Android 4.1 'Jelly Bean'
'Leap second' to be added Saturday to keep pace with Earth's rotation (+video)
In keeping student loan rates low, Congress sends hidden message
After Supreme Court ruling, Medicaid expansion faces uncertainty
Are the Colorado wildfires the biggest in US history? (+video)
Monitor Breakfast Haley Barbour: Republicans are 'totally united' behind Romney
Zimmerman’s attorney: Trayvon Martin killed 'because of his own doing' (+video)
Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction saga ends: Supreme Court refuses appeal
The online bully: less prevalent in US than many other places in world
UNESCO designates Church of the Nativity as endangered site
New Mayan text confirms December 2012 end for calendar (+video)
Colorado wildfire: Have we learned any lessons? (+videos)
How much did German Chancellor Merkel give up at euro summit?
Pentagon celebrates gay pride month, but can it really make gays equal?
US heat wave: Three-digit temperatures recorded across Midwest
Decoder Buzz Could Congress jail Attorney General Eric Holder for contempt?
Unforgivable: movie review
Neil Young Journeys: movie review
Culture Cafe 'Think Like A Man' sequel is in development
14 great books for foodies, recommended by the James Beard Foundation
Modern Parenthood Having it all? Women struggling with work-life balance are fortunate
Germany forfeits to Spain and Italy, agreeing to loan directly to banks
The Monitor's View In health-care decision, Roberts rules of order reign
World's oldest meteor impact crater discovered in Greenland
Earth's slowing rotation prompts Saturday's 'leap second' (+video)
Stefan Karlsson Oh, the irony: Obama and Romney, and that infamous mandate
Stir It Up! Happy Birthday, America!
Savannah Guthrie: Can she rescue 'Today' show?
What is Russia thinking on Syria? A brief guide
With a rough landing, Chinese astronauts return safely to Earth (+video)
Backchannels Egypt's first Islamist president takes oath of office
World's most powerful rocket launches secret US satellite
Economist Mom 'Tax': The dirtiest word of them all
Opinion Networked moms are the new soccer moms – and they're not on the sidelines
Thanks to science, your weekend will be one second longer (+video)
Kentucky father arrested for leaving 2-year-old in sweltering car
Stir It Up! Blue cheeseburgers with grilled onions and peppers
Congress moves toward passage of highway bill, takes action on student loans
Paper Economy Fixed-rate mortgage interest rates remain flat this week
In surprise move, South Korea postpones military intelligence pact with Japan
Chapter & Verse 'Twilight' used as a lure to the classics, on both sides of the Atlantic
In Tunisia, leaders struggle to kick the problems that toppled Ben Ali
Latin America Monitor Recent Mexico arrests falsely linked to 'El Chapo:' Is US trying to influence elections?
Global News Blog After Aung San Suu Kyi, girl band symbolizes a changing Myanmar?
Turkey reinforces border: Assad's helicopters hammer northern Syria (+video)
Change Agent Turning to old crop varieties for tough times
Animal shelters overloaded in summer, but adoptions also go up
Why Rafael Nadal lost so early at Wimbledon
Why Mexico and Paraguay are embracing controversial parties of the past
People Like Us: movie review
In fleeing Colorado Springs fire, tales of kind neighbors and potty breaks (+video)
Culture Cafe 'Don't Stop Believin': A documentary follows Journey's new lead singer
Beasts of the Southern Wild: movie review
KGB vs. KGB: Putin's crackdown extends to old comrades
The Reformed Broker The May correction: Thursday's losses were good. Seriously.
Sentinel astroid-hunting private telescope could find half a million space rocks
Mitt Romney rakes in $4.6 million just 24 hours after 'Obamacare' ruling
The latest in cybercrime? Fully automated bank heists
FBI arrests brother of Bernie Madoff, Ponzi scheme mastermind (+video)
Opinion Sen. Collins: Republicans and Democrats can agree on Myanmar (Burma)
The rules of love, as told by an Iranian cleric
China's first female astronaut returns to Earth (+video)
South Korea puts off Japan military pact at last minute
Gold prices drop after Obamacare ruling, Euro summit
George Zimmerman bail hearing: How much money does he have?
A heart in protest
Health care: What the Supreme Court's ruling means for US consumers
The Simple Dollar Retirement: What's the best investment option?
Airline passengers and crew foil hijackers in China
Terrorism & Security Can the Geneva meeting on Syria accomplish anything?
Difference Maker Walter Dean Myers writes books troubled teens can relate to
Emancipation Proclamation fetches $2.1 million at auction
Waldo Canyon fire claims first fatality and 346 homes (+video)
Verbal Energy Defining the perimeter of our parameters