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Monitor Articles for June 21, 2012

Sandusky case in jury's hands
Lawyers have questions about new Zimmerman video
Commerce secretary resigns after bizarre hit-and-runs
US Supreme Court throws out FCC indecency fines
Bad reports give Dow its second-worst day of year
Astronomers discover an 'odd couple' of planets
As Sandusky case goes to jury, adopted son makes allegations (+video)
Bullied bus monitor: how she's now in line for $250,000 in donations
US ambassador taps Facebook to drive wedge between Syrian military and Assad
Mitt Romney immigration policy: Will it win some Latino voters? (+video)
Astronomers spot pair of planets dancing the lambada (+video)
College football may get a Final Four – and millions in new revenue
Latin America Monitor Central America: one of the happiest regions on earth?
Student loans 101: What's at stake in feud over college loan subsidy?
Decoder Buzz 'Fast and Furious' probe: Obama's Watergate, or a waste of time? (+video)
Is there ice on the moon? Scientists spot shiny crater.
Once a stopover, Mali town becomes frontline destination for displaced people
Heat wave, Day 2: How are people seeking relief?
Australian swimmer Magnussen has plenty of confidence before Olympics
Queen of Sheba left genetic legacy to Ethiopians, study finds
Horizons Twitter offline: Site goes dark on day of big announcement
Backchannels CIA aiding Syria rebels: Usually, that's just the beginning
Horizons iPhone 5 will put Galaxy S III 'to shame,' says Foxconn CEO
The Monitor's View After Supreme Court ruling, FCC must give clear indecency standards
The Simple Dollar Hobby bleeding you dry? Might be time to put away the Magic cards
Taliban attacks on US bases in Afghanistan: enabled by Pakistani forces?
Culture Cafe 'Breaking Dawn – Part 2' full-length trailer arrives
Modern Parenthood Bullied bus monitor reaction: Teach victims to deal with bullies
Traffic at Rio+20 highlights challenge of growing cities
Global warming spells bad news for emperor penguins, study finds
Rio+20 sustainability conference: Got toilets?
Bizarre alien planets get cozy with each other (+video)
Culture Cafe 'To Rome with Love': Woody Allen continues his European tour in his newest film
In Gear Ultimate driving machine: BMW M5 won’t offer manual transmission?
Why did home sales cool during key spring season?
Supreme Court says broadcast decency standards too vague
The Reformed Broker Bullheadedness on The Street: These guys just don't quit
New books transform your kitchen into a lab (+video)
Why police tapes of George Zimmerman may be key to his defense (+video)
Windows Phone 8: Should a phone act more like a PC?
Can Windows 8 tablets rekindle Microsoft's mojo?
Monitor Breakfast Florida Sen. Marco Rubio calls on Attorney General Holder to resign (+video)
Paper Economy Adjusted initial jobless claims decline, continued claims flat
'Why You're Not Married...Yet': 5 tips from the book's author
NASA scientists investigate ice in huge, perpetually dark Moon crater (+video)
The Daily Reckoning Are ready for this? Time for round two of the Fed's stimulus plan
Stir It Up! Pork belly kebabs
Syrian fighter pilot defects to Jordan with his MiG-21 warplane (+video)
Modern Parenthood Bullied bus monitor: What will happen to those nasty kids? (+video)
Decoder Buzz Mitt Romney's sons on 'Conan': Why so much focus on pranks? (+video)
Cars Land: New park hopes to boost Walt Disney Co.'s fortunes
Chapter & Verse Keira Knightley is 'Anna Karenina' in a new trailer for the film
Opinion Supreme Court: After health care ruling, court must rule against affirmative action
Chapter & Verse Penguin returns its e-books to New York libraries
Prosecution urges psychiatric care, insanity ruling, for Anders Breivik
Chapter & Verse E-book sales surge ahead of hardcovers
Spotify takes on Pandora with free mobile radio
Modern Parenthood First day of summer: Six family activities to get kids outside
Modern Parenthood Teenagers rebel, but why did my son become a moderate Republican?
'Dan Gets A Minivan': 6 stories about the transition to parenthood
Horizons First tablets, now Windows Phone 8: Microsoft tears through big week of big reveals
Modern Parenthood BFF or parent? How to navigate parent-child friendships
Summer solstice is signal for summer camp packing frenzy
Bullied bus monitor receives donations after video goes viral (+video)
Jerry Sandusky trial to head to jury without testimony from the accused
Rescue operation under way for capsized boat of asylum seekers headed to Australia
Newly released video shows Zimmerman's account of fatal Trayvon Martin fight
Four gambits Obama could try to boost election prospects
Terrorism & Security Report: CIA aids in funneling arms to Syrian rebels
Why Assange's bid for Ecuador asylum may dismay supporters
Stefan Karlsson How should we measure economic recoveries?
Change Agent Buried seed vault guards thousands of crop varieties
Prayer on the road
Court issues arrest warrant for Pakistani prime minister nominee
Good Humor shortage: Heat wave exhausts ice cream supply