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Monitor Articles for June 12, 2012

Roger Clemens case goes to jury
New Verizon plans will unify devices
Tight race in Arizona for Giffords' former aide
Mubarak stabilizes, but fears prison doctors are trying to kill him
Peacekeepers attacked in Syria as U.S. accuses Russia of supporting regime
Trayvon Martin case: George Zimmerman's wife accused of perjury (+video)
The Reformed Broker Wall Street's high-stakes love affair with Europe continues
New York ban on big sodas faces new hurdle: New Yorkers
Mars rover to try out new strategy for finding alien life
Encouraged by the Fed's positive comments, stocks rise sharply
Michigan set to step in as Detroit nears financial collapse
Decoder Buzz Is Ron Paul (maybe) getting ready to endorse Mitt Romney?
Dutch bank pays steep price for ignoring US sanctions on Iran and Cuba
Clinton accuses Russia of sending attack helicopters to Syria, escalating war
Tax VOX The great tax debate: Dueling Congressional tax proposals clash
Briefing D.C. Decoder 101: How Washington spends your money
Darwin's Ghosts
Catherine Greig gets eight years for helping Whitey Bulger
New push for Starbucks: U.S. products
Stir It Up! Tandoori-spiced grilled salmon
Horizons Verizon's Share Everything plans: Bad news for individuals?
Reader recommendation: Enemies
Horizons Are we there yet? Ask Apple's new Siri for cars.
What killed the woolly mammoth? A whole bunch of things, say scientists. (+video)
In Gear Sticker price confusion: Why do GMC trucks cost more than Chevy?
The 100 best books of all time
Bestselling books the week of 6/14/12, according to IndieBound*
Grim toll on Syrian children: UN report cites torture, execution
From Kashmir to California: in the footsteps of a wanted killer
CERN scientists excruciatingly close to discovering Higgs boson
Culture Cafe 'Bunheads' star Sutton Foster talks about the new series
The Monitor's View Russia protests keep democracy dream alive
Latin America Monitor Film critical of Mexico's PRI packs theaters ahead of presidential election
Protests are looking permanent in Russia
With Celtics behind them, Heat now collides with Thunder in NBA Finals
Progress Watch US violent crime rate down for fifth straight year
US and Florida escalate feud over state's purge of voter rolls
Retired NBA Finals MVPs: What are they doing now?
Three other dingo attacks helped solve mystery of Azaria Chamberlain's death (+video)
The Simple Dollar Wanted: Frugal new friends, for potlucks, disc golf
Humans responsible for warming oceans, finds study
Decoder Buzz Does Mitt Romney want to cut jobs for police, firefighters, and teachers?
Talks with Pakistan on NATO supply route stalled as US withdraws team
How NASA's Curiosity rover could 'discover' Teflon on Mars (+video)
Why race to replace Gabrielle Giffords matters nationally
Opinion West must try a 'third way' to change North Korea
Decoder Buzz Democratic strategists tell Obama to stop defending his economic record
US gymnastics hopeful's steady work impresses Karolyi
Latin America Monitor Voting hurdles: Venezuelans in Miami must travel to NOLA to vote for president.
Argentina clamps down on public access to US dollars
Paper Economy Housing prices head higher as selling season heats up
Why deadly race riots could rattle Myanmar's fledgling reforms
London Olympics opening ceremony to focus on rural Britain
Cameron left his daughter at a pub? Britain shrugs, commiserates.
Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter to compete in London Olympics
Sharapova to carry Russian flag at London Olympics opening ceremony
Yemen army takes back two cities from Al Qaeda-linked forces
The Reformed Broker There's something about Italy
Latin America Monitor Show me the money: Signed checks missing from city treasury in Valencia, Venezuela
Will appearances by Gabrielle Giffords save Arizona seat for Dems?
NASA astronauts train for deep space mission deep below the sea
Modern Parenthood Father's Day: Celebrate big brothers who support younger siblings
Hugo Chávez 101: a quiz about Venezuela's ex-president
Jerry Sandusky trial: First accuser describes claims against former coach (+video)
Change Agent The goal: Help India's poorest of the poor brickmakers
Modern Parenthood David McCullough defends 'you’re not special' speech; we agree (+video)
Focus Rio+20: megacities strive to survive – and thrive (+video)
Focus Rio+20 challenge: access to water in Mexico City
Opinion 4 reasons the 'mommy wars' are good for parenting in America
Progress Watch Millennium Development Goal met: 2 billion access water
Focus Rio+20 challenge: seeking sanitation in the slums of Lagos, Nigeria
Focus Rio+20 challenge: expanding transportation to match growth in Mumbai
Colorado wildfire takes its first fatality (+videos)
Affordable Care Act ruling is sticky for Obama
Anti-Putin protesters march in Moscow in defiance of intimidation (+video)
Terrorism & Security US: Syria plotting more massacres, but intervening would make it worse
Glenn Beck inks $100 million radio deal
Australia's Azaria Chamberlain mystery solved: A dingo did it (+video)
The Bible and science fiction
Horizons Apple brags about big iPhone numbers, but ignores a crucial Android fact
How skewed is America's income inequality? Take our quiz.
The Entrepreneurial Mind The new elevator pitch: Now in five slides or less
Stir It Up! Feasting on Art: Frittata with kale, tomato, and chorizo
Oil prices hit eight-month low in Asia