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Monitor Articles for June 1, 2012

Tax VOX Is the GOP tax reform strategy a fiscal trap?
Obama ordered Stuxnet cyberattack, reports say. Did it leave US vulnerable?
Robert Reich America's high wire act: The economic recovery stalls
George Zimmerman back to jail for 'falsehoods.' Will they influence trial?
Decoder Buzz Why Mitt Romney had a good month
Dow plunges 275 points: Is stock market starting to smell recession?
Obama's take on gloomy jobs report: Congress hasn't done enough
Love, Fiercely
Horizons Facebook puts proposed privacy changes up for a vote
The Daily Reckoning Retreat from stock market, impending European implosion worrying
Reader recommendation: Great Expectations
Why breastfeeding military moms freak people out
Why George Zimmerman is going back to jail
The Monitor's View Diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II
On Diamond Jubilee's eve, diverse Britain seeks unity in Queen Elizabeth
10 cars that tell the story of America
The New Economy US jobs report: a cold blast of fear
Why the John Edwards prosecution went down in flames
What the transit of Venus tells us about alien planets (+video)
A Cat in Paris: movie review (+trailer)
One Day on Earth: movie review
Democracy 101: tiny Lesotho holds peaceful election
Horizons Windows 8 Store gets preview rollout. How does it stack up?
Galactic slam: Milky Way to hit nearby galaxy – in 4 billion years (+video)
Stir It Up! Roll on, National Doughnut Day
Backchannels Assange and allies claim vast conspiracy as extradition fight hits home stretch
Is Breivik sane? Norway can't decide
Change Agent Catchafire matches talented volunteers with opportunities to serve
How to watch the transit of Venus online (+video)
Tennis youth and experience both served at French Open Friday
Obama 2012: why weak jobs report is especially painful (+video)
Focus Egypt presidential elections: Fruit of Tahrir Square tastes bitter to some
Egypt presidential candidate: Ahmed Shafiq, former Mubarak man
Egyptian presidential candidate: Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood
Poor unemployment report points to troubled US economy
Breastfeeding moms in military uniforms reprimanded (+video)
Opinion Why it's easier to be a good daddy than a good mommy
Decoder Buzz Bill Clinton defends Mitt Romney's time at Bain: Does that help Obama?
Culture Cafe 'Star Wars 1313': Details of the video game are released
The Entrepreneurial Mind April showers bring May flowers, not entrepreneurial growth
Paper Economy A recovery-less recovery? Analyzing the unemployment numbers
Thunder stops Spurs winning streak with Game 3 victory
National Donut Day: Free doughnuts inspired by WWI (+video)
Wisconsin recall: Did Tom Barrett close gap with Scott Walker in debate?
Decoder Buzz Bush and Obama at the White House: Why the yukfest? (+video)
Edwards trial jurors say evidence wasn't there to convict (+video)
Keep Calm Good Reads: a few tips about how to stay off Obama's 'kill list'
Donald Marron Two heavyweights of economic statistics released this week
Latin America Monitor Mariela Castro's US visit: a win for free speech
Modern Parenthood Looking for the 'perfect' nanny: Experience or up-to-date 'expertise?'
Modern Parenthood After graduation: Parents still lose sleep over kids’ homework
Why Coke and McDonald's balk at big-drink ban in Big Apple (+video)
Modern Parenthood Connect with kids' feelings first, then change aggressive behavior
Difference Maker From the good life to digging up land mines in Cambodia
Snow White and the Huntsman: movie review (+video)
12 men murdered Thursday by pro-Assad gunmen, Syrian activists say
Opinion Is Facebook destroying our capacity for meaningful relationships?
US economy weakens, unemployment rate rises to 8.2 percent (+video)
Why Anchorage is the 'worst-dressed' city in America
Modern Parenthood Post graduation: A mom's defense of her boomerang kid in Beijing
Spain capital flight doubles as risk of European bailout rises (+video)
Syrian forces and pro-Assad militia could face prosecution for Houla massacre, UN says
A Diamond Jubilee quiz: How well do you know Queen Elizabeth II?
New Mexico wildfire, largest ever in the state, continues to burn (+video)
Global News Blog Sly Google wields the knife in Chinese Internet censorship tussle
2012 Spelling Bee champ wins with 'guetapens' (+video)
Rebel alliances strengthen in Mali's north, rattling neighboring countries
With your whole heart
Terrorism & Security Palestinian militant sneaks into Israel, kills one soldier
The Simple Dollar Properly used, a programmable thermostat cuts energy costs
Prepaid iPhone: $400. No contract. $55 a month for unlimited use.