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Monitor Articles for May 9, 2012

Searchers find wreckage of lost Russian plane in Indonesia (+video)
Romney stays firm on opposition to gay marriage (+video)
Greek impasse deepens as talks fail
US Postal Service will keep open rural routes
"Ten Most Wanted" fugitive claimed kidnapped girls were his daughters
Obama backs gay marriage: What difference will that make? (+video)
Obama, North Carolina at odds on gay marriage: Will it cost him the state? (+video)
Democrats try to put Scott Brown on defensive with new ethics charge
Why Richard Lugar defeat scares tea party Republicans, too
The Monitor's View Law of the Sea Treaty as a peace tool for US
How Maurice Sendak’s ‘Wild Things’ moved children’s books toward realism
Latin America Monitor Slain American's legacy continues in Nicaragua
'MOMumental': 5 stories about raising children
Mother's Day: 10 great books for Mom
10 great summer cars
Stocks slide as doubts about Europe simmer
Vidal Sassoon remembered for pioneering women's hairstyles
Is Greece headed for do-over election?
Obama supports gay marriage: Historic switch carries risks (+video)
Latin America Monitor 8 charged with negligence after calling off 2010 Chilean tsunami warning
Israel's coalition government: Israeli and Arab media react
Donald Marron What is medicare 'double counting,' and why are budget experts fighting over it?
The PTA arrives in Mexico's schools
After underwear plot, Saudi officials cite headway against AQAP
Surprise: Martian sand dunes are speedy
Joran Van der Sloot to fight extradition to US
Decoder Buzz What does Mitt Romney's new ad say about his strategy? (+video)
Keep Calm Does a military solution for Somali piracy work?
Rangers' Josh Hamilton joins select club with 4-homer game vs. Orioles (+video)
Seeking Chen Guangcheng's freedom in China via 'Internet meme'
Paper Economy Mortgage rates inch down to 3.91 percent
Warm water threatens vast Anatarctic ice shelf (+video)
What's causing mass pelican and dolphin deaths in Peru?
Global Viewpoint Heed Balkan lessons for a fragmenting Syria and revise Kofi Annan plan
Amazing photo shows 'swarm' of stars (+video)
Israel's unity government: a bid to represent the majority
Backchannels Saudi's Al Qaeda intelligence coup and the perils of too much disclosure
Horizons Howard Carter, the original Indiana Jones (+video)
Global News Blog Russian plane goes missing in Indonesia, dealing blow to aviation industry (+video)
Monitor Breakfast Richard Lugar 'took brunt' of voter anger, says GOP campaign chief
How a solar flare could send us back to the Stone Age
Modern Parenthood Working mom, stay-at-home mom: A debate that belittles motherhood
Paper Economy Food stamp use continues to rise
Stir It Up! Ginger vanilla pound cake with strawberry rhubarb sauce
Ouch! Obama loses 41 percent of W.Va. primary vote to federal inmate.
Light from alien 'super-earth' seen for first time
The Simple Dollar How to actually get credit card rewards
Chapter & Verse Did Ben Bradlee have lingering doubts about Watergate?
Breivik trial turns more confrontational as Utøya witnesses begin testimony
How a humongous garbage patch in the Pacific breeds new bugs (+video)
Change Agent World Bank unit, MasterCard Foundation boost small loans in Africa
Modern Parenthood Mother's Day: Parenting teenagers is like a personal action movie
Modern Parenthood Five parenting tips to put a stop to your child's whining
The Vote Rick Santorum tells Jay Leno why Romney endorsement was 'buried' (+video)
Verbal Energy Motorists are advised to seek alternatives
Opinion Why Romney's choice for vice president could determine America's future
Who won 'The Voice'? Jermaine Paul, no longer a 'backup singer' (+video)
Modern Parenthood Kayaking as learning: Navigating life's knowledge whitewater
Modern Parenthood Thank you, Gloria Steinem: Feminism, family, and the fourth wave
Modern Parenthood Mother's Day report from a mom in Norway, the "best place" to be a mom
Tax VOX With European elections, is austerity in the US doomed?
New Russian jet now missing over Indonesia
Wisconsin recall: Why Democrats think Barrett can beat Walker this time
Kenya joins the great African oil boom with latest discoveries
Greek political disarray, worries about Spain push euro to three-month low
In Richard Lugar defeat, a tea party road map for revamping Washington?
Hollande's victory: The world ponders a major shift
In Gear Self-driving car: Google gets a license
Why North Carolina banned gay marriage (+video)
Gas prices are falling: why that might not really help Obama
Keep Calm Fighting continues between Sudan and South Sudan, as economies collapse
Opinion To help world's children reach fifth birthday, look to this Bangladesh program
Wells that never run dry
Google Doodle: Howard Carter and the pharaoh's curse (+video)
Terrorism & Security UN envoy to Syria pins hopes for ending violence on observer mission
Howard Carter: 6 of his first moments in the tomb of King Tut
Credit card fraud case: $1.5 million. 38,000 people. On appeal.