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Monitor Articles for May 8, 2012

Lugar loss will mean new approach for Indiana in Congress
Sendak's closest friends near at deathbed (+video)
Secret CIA informant volunteered to be al-Qaeda bomber (+video)
North Carolina bans gay marriage with constitutional amendment
Maurice Sendak with the Wild Things, now (+video)
Lugar primary loss a Tea Party victory
Transportation bill, not yet passed, already blasted by critics
Modern Parenthood Maurice Sendak: A mom's appreciation for going beyond Disney
In Gear Buying a car, college grad? Don’t forget the rebates.
How North Carolina gay-marriage vote could hurt Obama reelection bid
The Daily Reckoning Will austerity come to the US?
'Where the Wild Things Are' author Sendak wrote to 'communicate profound truths'
Stir It Up! Strawberries and cream cookies
Stocks tumble on Europe turmoil
Modern Parenthood Woman gone Wild: Will Cheryl Strayed lead moms down the hiking path?
'Undetectable' bomb reveals how Al Qaeda threat to US is evolving (+video)
Leftist Greek leader ready to walk away from EU bailout deal
Pet food recall 2012 now includes 39 states
Bake sale ban in Massachusetts sparks outcries over 'food police'
Rare gorillas captured by hidden camera (+video)
If GOP's Sen. Dick Lugar loses, are Dems prepared to pounce?
The Monitor's View Facebook IPO as a measure of social trust
Planetary wrecking balls: how Jupiter might have destroyed Earth
Student loans: GOP filibuster blocks Senate move to freeze low rates
Vladimir Putin 101: A quiz about Russia's president
Paper Economy Radar logic: Housing prices are dropping
Did gassy dinosaurs cause global warming?
'Monster sunspot' may foretell powerful solar flares, says NASA
Bestselling books the week of 5/10/12, according to IndieBound*
Horizons Nevada allows Google to test driverless cars on public streets
Chapter & Verse Jackie Kennedy, Susan Sontag, and Angela Davis: their Paris years
Reader recommendation: Like Water for Chocolate
Were pliable heads an adaptation to walking upright?
Donald Marron The frequent flyer deal that was American Airlines' worst nightmare
Diggin' It Hybrid catmints: Cool cats in your landscape
Was ancient crocodile world's largest?
Chapter & Verse 'Unintended Consequences' by Edward Conrad: already 'the most hated book of the year'?
Maurice Sendak: 10 tweets about the 'Wild' author and illustrator
Decoder Buzz Should Mitt Romney have to defend Obama against 'treason' remark? (+video)
How Netanyahu's 'unity' government may affect Palestinians, Iran
Modern Parenthood Video chat gaining in popularity among teenagers, study shows
Horsehair helps locate the origins of domestication
Monitor Breakfast Austerity votes in Europe show that GOP is wrong, top Democrat says
Culture Cafe 'Walking Dead' executive producer Robert Kirkman talks season 3
Oil prices set new low for 2012
The Vote A possible blessing for Dick Lugar in fight to retain US Senate seat
Opinion FCC chairman: Time to let public TV raise money for charities
Maurice Sendak tribute: much more than 'a kiddie-book artist' (+video)
Top 5 ways to save on your summer vacation
Global News Blog Summit canceled as Ukraine isolation deepens over treatment of Tymoshenko
Modern Parenthood Take your children to the park this weekend, and leave them there
Israeli PM Netanyahu forms new 'unity' government
Teenage driving deaths more likely with teenage passengers in car
What Rick Santorum's lukewarm endorsement of Mitt Romney means (+video)
From our Files: Maurice Sendak interview, 2002
Opinion China's deal for Chen Guangcheng: latest signal of desire for better US ties
Maurice Sendak: 10 essential quotes
Change Agent A quirky, tiny grass-roots effort backs only 'Awesome’ projects
The Reformed Broker Hedge funds: Should you bother?
Modern Parenthood Mother's Day: The unexpected best (and worst) places to be a mom
Scientists: Dinosaur flatulence may have warmed Earth (+video)
The Simple Dollar Know your credit report, and what it means
Romney: President Obama should not be tried for treason
Global News Blog Hollande's hometown says goodbye to François, hello to Monsieur le Président
North Carolina ready for constitutional ban on gay marriages, says poll
Maurice Sendak showed us 'Where The Wild Things Are'
Keep Calm Pakistan pushback: US is 'shifting blame' for Afghan insurgency
Latin America Monitor Is French journalist kidnapped in Colombia a prisoner of war?
Linda Evangelista child support finalized: Joins stars A-list
China: Al Jazeera reporter expelled for 'breaking Chinese laws'
Price of debt-ceiling deal: GOP plan goes 'for the jugular,' Dems say
Could airport scanners detect latest Al Qaeda non-metal bomb? (+video)
Terrorism & Security China blames the Philippines for South China Sea dispute
Global News Blog Majority of Americans reject new US-Afghan security pact: poll
Austerity: Wrong policy or hard truth? (+video)
A spiritual cure for chronic fatigue
Saving Money The best and worst grocery stores: You get what you pay for
Modern Parenthood Public radio host Krista Tippett on kids and the meaning of life
Stir It Up! Strawberry rhubarb compote
Modern Parenthood Mother's Day: Childhood milestones aren’t motherhood's tombstones