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Monitor Articles for May 7, 2012

No government yet for Greece after Sunday's election
Obama unveils new ad campaign on economic recovery
Hollande election: future of austerity in Europe in doubt
Obama's vague gay marriage position in spotlight
CIA: We stopped "undetectable" bomb
China forces Al Jazeera to close Beijing news bureau
Tax VOX Buffett rule revenue would be huge
'The Avengers' sets weekend record. Is there a message for the industry?
Wisconsin recall election: Which Democrat will face Governor Walker?
The Circle Bastiat Don't be fooled: Liberals and libertarians don't agree
Culture Cafe 'First Position' and other documentaries wow at the Montclair Film Festival
After falling, stocks recover from Europe elections
Keep Calm Clinton in India: a gentle reminder about all that Iranian oil (+video)
The Monitor's View Europe looks for The Avengers
This is a debate? Mexico's presidential face-off a scripted affair.
Hollande, the man 'no one saw coming,' prepares to lead France (+video)
Modern Parenthood Forget Mother's Day: In China they get the gift of Moon month
The Simple Dollar Freedom from debt is possible – with a plan
Tea party set to topple Sen. Richard Lugar. Could he try third-party run?
Did dinosaur 'emissions' help warm the prehistoric climate? (+video)
Germany frets, markets falter over French and Greek election results
A Disposition to Be Rich
Refugees use Facebook to keep scattered families connected
Gwen Stefani juggles motherhood with fashion, singing career
Did a copying mistake give rise to human intelligence?
George Lindsey remembered as 'Goober' on TV's 'Andy Griffith Show' & 'Hee Haw'
Battle for women's votes: 6 flash points
Reader recommendation: Matterhorn
Mystery death on Skype: What killed US captain in Afghanistan?
Paper Economy Hong Kong bubble? Housing prices rise.
Culture Cafe 'The Avengers' actor Clark Gregg and Stan Lee talk about the new film
Harry Truman: 7 quotes on his birthday
Heartland Institute's digital billboards make bombastic comparisons (+video)
Education Secretary Arne Duncan endorses gay marriage. Is Obama cornered? (+video)
Opinion François Hollande – no more 'Mr. Pudding'?
Modern Parenthood Hugs and happiness: One family's resolution to greet with love
Putin steps up to run a vastly changed Russia (+video)
Mitt Romney brood grows, twin grandchildren born using surrogate
Decoder Buzz Why Ron Paul's big wins in Maine and Nevada matter (+video)
The Reformed Broker Greece's Golden Dawn Party a scary development for Europe
Change Agent Public-private teamwork helps save Connecticut's threatened alewives
Upfront Blog Russia's one-man brand
Modern Parenthood Six-year-old singing LMFAO song suspended for sexual harassment
Difference Maker They opened their home – and hearts – to South Africa's abandoned babies
Keep Calm What the French elections could mean for Afghan security
Readers Write: Israel could be a threat and Obama should be praised on Iran
Amid battles, Boko Haram offers dialogue with Nigerian president
Obama's lead over Romney shrinks in 12 swing states
Stefan Karlsson France and Greece elections: Threat to Eurozone recovery?
Syria holds an election despite months of fighting
Terrorism & Security US hostage Warren Weinstein makes plea to Obama in Al Qaeda video (+video)
Global Viewpoint Gerhard Schröder: Don't strangle Europe with austerity
French president-elect Hollande promises 'kinder, gentler austerity' (+video)
'America's Most Wanted' helps nab Illinois Ponzi fugitives
Title IX case? Boy banned as 'too good' for girls' field hockey team
Women and 3D help 'The Avengers' set box office record (+video)
Greece election results cause problems for bailout plans (+video)
Modern Parenthood Mother's Day: What happens when mom misses it? Guilt or growth?
Stock market fallout: Europe elections spook traders
Stir It Up! Meatless Monday: Wild ramp and lemon risotto
Unity and spirituality in Russia