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Monitor Articles for May 3, 2012

Seau's suicide forces hard questions on head injuries
U.S. seeking options in Chinese activist's case
Facebook IPO: World's most expensive dog and pony show
Unemployment drops sharply, Labor Department says
China-U.S. ties strained by blind activist's desire to leave
Horizons Samsung unveils the Galaxy S III
Horizons Elder Scrolls Online turns Skyrim world into an MMO: report
Seau's death a shock, friends say
Florida A&M hazing arrests bring cloud
Edwards trial: Interior designer testifies about money funneling scheme
Bin Laden letters paint picture of al-Qaeda at its worst
Kentucky Derby: Will mighty white steed ride to rescue of struggling sport?
Junior Seau tragedy shakes NFL, intensifies concern about head injuries
China blamed for multi-continent cyberspying caper in 2011
Decoder Buzz Bin Laden documents diss Joe Biden. Did he get 'The Onion' in Abbottabad? (+video)
All Woman and Springtime
Latin America Monitor Nicaragua divided over death of revolutionary leader
Reader recommendation: The Favored Daughter
Jetman swoops across Brazilian skyline (+video)
Indonesia's Aceh struggles to integrate former rebels fairly
Zombie ant fungus, meet the anti-zombie-ant fungus
Latin America Monitor Press freedom falls in Latin America, French journalist missing in Colombia
Will Saturday's 'supermoon' destroy the Earth?
Modern Parenthood Levi Johnston to name newest baby girl “Beretta,” after handgun
Kentucky Derby 2012: Who to watch in first leg of Triple Crown
Europe calls Euro 2012 penalty on Ukraine for treatment of Tymoshenko
Greenland's glaciers melting faster, say scientists
The Vote On National Day of Prayer, plenty of politics
Obama's ex-girlfriend: what her diaries reveal
The Monitor's View Finally, European debt crisis goes to the polls
Stir It Up! Southwest chicken salad
White supremacist behind murders-suicide in Arizona, police say
Diggin' It Southern California gardening in May
Global News Blog Renaming Al Qaeda to Tanthim al-Jihadi litahrir al-aksa wa-tawhid al-Umma?
10 best Avengers of all time
The Avengers: movie review (+trailer)
Decoder Buzz Why is Michele Bachmann endorsing Mitt Romney now? (+video)
Top Picks: A documentary about a sushi restaurant, Johnny Carson, and more
Vox News Rupert Murdoch deemed 'not fit' to lead media in Britain. What about US?
Backchannels Out of ideas, Palestinian Authority censors critics
Missiles on my roof? Londoners push back on Olympics security
Paper Economy Jobless claims fall
Osama bin Laden papers: top 5 revelations
Why Chinese activist now seeks US asylum: His family
GM stock: Earnings down. Outlook cautious.
Egypt's military could hand over power this month
Verbal Energy Words that work their way into our minds
Is the Palestinian Authority really a 'fig leaf' for Israeli occupation?
Decoder Buzz New Obama book: A danger to his image?
Free Comic Book Day: 5 things you need to know
Opinion Blame China, not Obama or US, for the plight of activist Chen Guangcheng
New kind of Israeli politician? Yair Lapid doesn't talk about Iran, Palestinians
The Reformed Broker How will today's jobless claims numbers affect the market?
Chapter & Verse Target will stop selling Amazon Kindle devices
Chapter & Verse 'Between Shades of Gray' – probably not the book you're thinking of
10 modern proverbs (from the last 100 years)
Parent warning: Hot weather coming, don't leave baby alone in car
Why Mitt Romney is rebounding in two key battlegrounds, Florida and Ohio
The Scream sale led to record $330 million auction at Sotheby's
How can Army keep soldiers fighting fit after Afghanistan? Avatars
French debate captivates 18 million, boosts Hollande (+video)
Modern Parenthood Save neighborhoods: See the living city on a Jane Jacobs Walk
Opinion If Hollande wins French election, Europe won't collapse – just shift a bit
Stir It Up! Creamy hominy bake with green chiles and cheese
Keep Calm UN Security Council prods Sudan and South Sudan back to talks
Ann Romney-Hilary Rosen dust-up can't be reduced to a question of 'choice'
Four dead after attack on Syrian anti-government student protesters
The Daily Reckoning The dollar is in decline. So how to invest it?
Modern Parenthood Tanning Mom: Behind the Bad Mother witch hunt; even Snooki snipes (+video)
Mitt Romney gains on Obama in Florida and Ohio, says poll (+video)
Osama bin Laden raid documents available online today
Can China, US strike a new deal on blind dissident? (+video)
Terrorism & Security Dissent, elections make Israel's next steps on Iran difficult to predict
Climate Impacts Day and a new way to look at the world
American Idol: Judges go crazy for Joshua Ledet's British Invasion (+video)