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Monitor Articles for May 29, 2012

Mental illness may play role in Patz case
First Lady says politics is tough, even for Obama girls (+video)
Syrian massacre: diplomats expelled from Western nations
Seven days in, still no verdict in Edwards trial
Romney gets Trumped by birther talk
Rutgers webcam case: Dharun Ravi publically apologizes
It's official: with Texas win, Romney is the nominee
US intervention unlikely in Syria
BlackBerry-maker RIM warns of layoffs, operating loss
The Entrepreneurial Mind Following the value proposition to entrepreneurial success
Beyond Stuxnet: massively complex Flame malware ups ante for cyberwar
Etan Patz case: Will self-admitted killer's prayer group confession hold up?
Tea party drools over Ted Cruz, but can he survive Texas primary?
'Hatfields and McCoys': Is History Channel miniseries fact or fiction?
Despite oil prices, falling euro, Dow closes up slightly
Tax VOX New online tool to help families maximize tax, transfer benefits
Decoder Buzz Obama honors Presidential Medal of Freedom winners: Who's eligible? (+video)
Manhattanhenge: Sun to align perfectly with New York street grid
Serena Williams loss at French Open, an unprecedented stumble (+video)
Home prices hit post-boom lows: What does that mean for housing market?
Saving Money How to save on online dating
Android clears court review of patent claims
Gadget guide: Which electronics are 'in season' and which to avoid
The Monitor's View Egypt elections: a test of hard-won civic values
Venus to have its final day in the sun for the 21st century
Michelle Obama: politics tough, but 'Dad is always going to be Dad'
Decoder Buzz Mitt Romney's other Vegas meeting: why Sheldon Adelson trumps The Donald
US, 18 other nations, wrap up Eager Lion military exercise in Jordan
US expels Syrian envoy: a clear message whose impact is dubious
Qatar investigates mall fire as young victims mourned
NASA asks future moon explorers to keep away from Apollo landing site
The Simple Dollar Graduation gifts: Consider the investment route
Michelle Obama: 8 food and garden tips, stories from the First Lady
Celtics woeful in Game 1 loss. Can they beat the Heat?
Culture Cafe 'Hatfields & McCoys' stars talk about the central love story
Stefan Karlsson The case for a German value added tax
Was Taser use on pregnant woman excessive force? Supreme Court declines case.
Modern Parenthood Graduation gifts: The moving boxes of elementary school days
Is Canada about to face US-style housing meltdown?
Nepal's political process derailed, again
After Houla massacre, Russia cools toward Syria (+video)
Global Viewpoint Interview with Turkey's Abdullah Gul: Egypt should embrace secularism
Decoder Buzz Should Mitt Romney repudiate Donald Trump? (+video)
Carole King
Retirement: 3 ways to enrich it without adding money
Nairobi blast: Could have been Al Shabab or a 'lone wolf' sympathizer
With talks, another chance at peace for Sudan and South Sudan
Reader recommendation: The Passage of Power
Paper Economy S&P/Case-Shiller: Home prices decrease
Keep Calm As Europe peers into economic chasm, Africa's economy is rising
Forget 'Men in Black 3': Why aliens won't attack Earth
Lady Gaga's cancelled concert a blow to tolerance in Indonesia? (+video)
Readers Write: Does gun ownership kill or preserve life?
Philippines chief justice ousted by senators
Global News Blog Russian security firm spots cyber supervirus that tops Stuxnet
Stock market opens higher on hope for China
Powerful Italy quake leaves at least 15 dead (+video)
Change Agent Coalition helps the Connecticut River become the first National Blueway
Opinion Will Al Qaeda cement its foothold in Syria?
10 killed in Chicago over sweltering Memorial Day weekend
Modern Parenthood Homesick at summer camp: five tips for parents with unhappy campers
Economist Mom A rift over the GOP's tax pledge?
Family vacation: Airlines asked to cut fees for seating together
Radioactive tuna travels from Japan to US faster than wind
After Houla massacre, Syrian diplomats expelled around the world
Heat wilts Celtics in Game 1 of NBA Eastern finals
Modern Parenthood Aishwarya Rai, breastfeeding, tanning: parent etiquette lessons
Modern Parenthood Parents: check attitude before you expect change in kid’s behavior
Fire safety in Qatar questioned after new blazes Tuesday (+video)
Maria Sharapova: A 'double bagel' in French Open win
Global News Blog With a mouse click, an expat casts his French vote, from Beijing
John Edwards trial: Day 7 for jury deliberations (+video)
Latin America Monitor A day in the life of Caracas shortages
Angry crowd targets HQ of Egypt's 'candidate for stability,' citing vote fraud (+video)
Tropical storm Beryl gives South hurricane prep test
Terrorism & Security After massacre in Syria, Annan travels to Damascus to push peace plan
Difference Maker Mae Azango exposed a secret ritual in Liberia, putting her life in danger
Africa Monitor Declining child mortality in Africa: an effect of prosperity, enhanced aid — or both?
Northern Italy struck by another earthquake (+video)
Stir It Up! Feasting on Art: Slow-roasted beets
Veterans renew and rebuild