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Monitor Articles for May 24, 2012

GSA administrator behind Las Vegas conference no longer with agency
Curt Schilling fires staff at video-game firm
Horizons IBM bans Siri – and probably for good reason (+video)
Egypt's Elections: Muslim Brotherhood claims exit-poll lead
In Iowa, Obama on the offensive against Romney
After three decades, confession and arrest in Etan Patz case (+video)
Iran nuclear talks: What world powers are offering, Iran isn't buying. Yet.
Federal Reserve official: If Congress dawdles, economy will fall 3 percent
Obama vs. Romney: 'World War III" for attack ads. But is that bad?
Los Angeles to become largest US city banning plastic bags
Is State Dept. hacking Al Qaeda? Not quite, but propaganda war is fierce.
Decoder Buzz Psst, students. Still hope for low-rate student loans, despite Senate balking
Kings ransom: With Lakers and Clippers out, L.A. grudgingly turns to hockey
Economist Mom Turning the 'fiscal cliff' into a gentle slope
Myanmar, 'Arab awakening' top US list of progress on human rights
Patrick Fitzgerald, nemesis of Rod Blagojevich, steps down
Mitt Romney running mate search enters public audition phase
From Willie Horton to windsurfing: Five top political attack ads
HP jump boosts Dow; stocks mixed
No more big TV discounts? Samsung and Sony push to control pricing.
Rich-poor divide bogs down UN climate talks
Etan Patz case: Are today's kids less likely to be nabbed by a stranger?
Global News Blog Whose Islands are they? South Korea tries branding in its dispute with Japan
Truth Like the Sun
Reader recommendation: You Are Not Alone
Senate committee cuts Pakistan aid over doctor's conviction
Robert Reich Obama should attack what Bain and JPMorgan have in common
The Monitor's View Message from Google chief: Have a heart – turn off this screen
Culture Cafe 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' will be released next March, not this summer
Culture Cafe Documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles discusses his film 'Salesman'
Queen Victoria: 6 stories from her diaries
In Egypt's Islamist heartland, voters voice doubts about Muslim Brotherhood
Paper Economy Unemployment claims drop
Israel, land of Jewish refugees, riled by influx of Africans
Celebrating Cin Ali: The stick figure who taught Turkey to read
Despite ancestry controversy, Elizabeth Warren tied with Sen. Scott Brown
Top Picks: Paul Rishell's old country blues, a new novel on the Tudors, and more
Doggy couch surfing website has in-home vacation lodging for dogs
SpaceX's Dragon craft is a star performer, so far (+video)
SpaceX flyby of space station an historic first
British, Spanish ships almost come to blows over 'The Rock'
Global News Blog Report: Russian intelligence suspects US hand in SuperJet crash
Mars Opportunity rover sees its own shadow in crater
Opinion As Millennials reject gender roles, but embrace marriage, they're changing society
Man-to-dolphin conversation? Scientists can now talk like dolphins
Chapter & Verse 'A Confederacy of Dunces' to hit the big screen – with Zach Galifianakis?
After graduation: Five real-world steps to success
Kinship care beats foster care for raising kids – support needed
Tax VOX A path forward on tax reform: 4 steps
Four to eight hurricanes in 2012 NOAA forecast
A jobless boom for female firms
Decoder Buzz New Romney ad outlines Day 1 of his presidency. Realistic? (+video)
Global News Blog Russia claims new missile can overcome missile defenses
The price of milk: Low for milk drinkers, but sinks family farms
Change Agent Inshah Malik is trying to rebuild Kashmir with a different weapon – her pen
The bear necessities
Opinion 6 factors that will determine concessions from Iran
NBA playoffs: 76ers beat Celtics, force Game 7
Modern Parenthood 7 tips to help reignite the Twyla Tharp creativity in any parent
Berkeley police chief defends cops' search for son's iPhone
Facebook lawsuits: Did all shareholders get same data in IPO?
In Gear Nissan electric vehicle: Van to be built in Spain. NYC next?
The Reformed Broker Uniform perfomance standards for financial advisers?
Egyptian presidential election continues for second day
Modern Parenthood Mom, I'm an atheist: A son's decision troubles religious parents
Nuclear sub fire doused, leaves seven with minor injuries (+video)
Latin America Monitor Lost in translation: English in Brazil
Etan Patz suspect: A 33-year-old murder mystery solved?
Keep Calm Good Reads: Why nations fail, and how we overlook some successes
Terrorism & Security Pakistan to US: Respect our decision to sentence CIA informant
American Idol crowns Phillip Phillips in talented, funny, bizarre finale (+video)
A response to tyranny and isolation in North Korea
Etan Patz: NY police have suspect in custody in missing boy case