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Monitor Articles for May 22, 2012

Romney still finding his legs on Bain attacks
Facebook stock still slipping as investors grow wary
US Airways jet makes unscheduled landing after passenger acts suspicious
Five dead in Oregon, murder-suicide suspected
Appeals likely in Rutgers webcam case
Romney sweeps Kentucky, Arkansas
SpaceX rocket on its way to outer space (+video)
Mitt Romney's Bain problem: private equity has bad rap with public
Iran nuclear talks: why optimism could be different this time
The Simple Dollar Buying a discounted floor model: dos and don'ts
Cory Booker: Have the Democrats figured out how to respond?
Stocks mixed after Greek worries resurface
Woman's note causes US Airways flight to be diverted with fighter jets
Decoder Buzz Is Congress broken? Startup Act shows what can work.
Latin America Monitor Look who got a US visa: Raúl Castro's daughter
Celtics get help from outside 'Big Three' in beating Sixers
Somalia, African Union forces attack Islamist-held camp
Pakistani official: Position to soften on NATO supply line
Paper Economy Existing home sales on the rise
On the Eve
Mountain lion shot in downtown Santa Monica (+video)
Modern Parenthood Parent engagement, not policing, best policy for Internet use
Reader recommendation: Without a Paddle
Two harrowing US military rescues offer haunting portrait of Afghan war
The Monitor's View SpaceX launch to space station: humanity finds new wings
Modern Parenthood Future plans: six tips to deal with teen's differing life goals
New Russian cabinet packed with Putin loyalists
Filipinos back government on China dispute, but want more diplomacy
'Double Time': 6 stories about bringing up twins
The Daily Reckoning Leave Facebook's Eduardo Saverin alone
Thunder runs past Lakers in Game 5, advance to Western Conference final
Chapter & Verse Teen books: twice as obscene as video games?
Health-care mandate: Catholic leaders sue over birth control
World's tallest tower is now in Tokyo
Decoder Buzz Cory Booker comments: How badly have they hurt President Obama? (+video)
SpaceX takes Star Trek's 'Scotty' to the Final Frontier
SpaceX launch: private industry inspires new generation of rocketeers (+video)
Overseas Oreo: Kraft names new global snack company 'Mondelez'
Tax VOX It's summer. Time for a California budget crisis.
Egypt presidential face-off: Islamists vs. 'regime remnants'
Change Agent Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village helps young Rwandans heal
Opinion 6 job interview mistakes to avoid
Deadly Joplin tornado remembered, one year later (+video)
Hollande's first world appearance a double success
In China, public outcry softens sentence for Wu Ying
Facebook stock falling again. What went wrong?
Passenger train collides with freight train in India
Briefing Five things Ron Paul wants from the Republican National Convention
Modern Parenthood Potty dance at Costco: Can a good mom let 5-year-old “go” alone?
Culture Cafe 'House' finale: The fate of the doctor is revealed
Latin America Monitor El Salvador sees drop in murders but rise in disappearances
'Pink slime' author unapologetic to industry, consumer concerns
Hate crime redefined? Judge sees no hate in Rutgers webcam spy case
OECD concerned that eurozone crisis could threaten world recovery (+video)
Colin Powell is not endorsing Obama or Romney, yet
Eight shot in Oklahoma City after NBA playoff series win
With SpaceX launch, more than cargo is riding on space station mission (+video)
Modern Parenthood Teenage pregnancy: High US rates due to poverty, not promiscuity
Ohio removes pit bulls from 'vicious' dogs list
Opinion Iran talks in Baghdad: Western naiveté
The Simple Dollar Student loans: Pay them off, or invest elsewhere?
Keep Calm Chicago NATO summit sets stage for Afghan withdrawal
Terrorism & Security Yemen vows to defy Al Qaeda's intimidation campaign
Toward peaceful sleep
Unusually good forecast for Iran nuclear talks (+video)
The Circle Bastiat Facebook IPO dud: Is the future of public companies at risk?
Stir It Up! Travel: Discovering Ponce, Puerto Rico