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Monitor Articles for May 15, 2012

Hollande takes power in France amidst lightning
JP Morgan chief apologizes for $2 billion loss
Boehner draws line in sand on debt ceiling
New elections for Greece as talks collapse
Facebook privacy concerns may dampen IPO
Romney hits back on economy, says Obama causing a 'prairie fire of debt' (+video)
Briefing Facebook IPO: five things to know before buying the stock
Decoder Buzz Democrats return fire after John Boehner's opening debt-ceiling salvo (+video)
Iran nuclear talks: negotiators cite progress ahead of Baghdad meeting
Decoder Buzz Could Ron Paul really have an impact on the GOP convention?
Palestinians mark Nakba Day with slingshots, despite calls for calm
Hollande's presidency begins with whirlwind day in Paris
Will Californians trust Jerry Brown enough to vote for his tax increase?
Nebraska's GOP Senate primary: another tea party surprise?
Bomb in Colombian capital taints first day of Colombia-US free trade agreement
Should the police file on the man who killed Trayvon Martin stay secret?
New three-man space-station crew blasts off in Soyuz spacecraft
Modern Parenthood "How to spot a predator." Really?
Horizons Facebook IPO: No, Facebook is not just a fad
The Monitor's View States should fold on Internet gambling
Tax VOX JPMorgan and the London Whale: Should we tax securities investments?
Bestselling books the week of 5/17/12, according to IndieBound*
Opinion Palestinian hunger strikes: the power of peaceful protest
At US border, era of fence-building, manpower 'surge' at an end
Would you buy a ticket to a private, inflatable space station? (+video)
Chapter & Verse Is Virginia really the best-read state in the nation?
LightSquared, bankrupt, still aims to launch wireless network
JPMorgan Chase's Dimon survives pay, chairmanship votes (+video)
Facebook IPO: Investors enamored. Users? Not so much.
Israel's unity government: How big was the shift to the center?
EU airstrike on Somali pirates echoes US drone strategy
Sectarian violence in Lebanon echoing Syria's conflict
The Entrepreneurial Mind How to find a small business-friendly bank
Decoder Buzz John Boehner fires opening shot in potential debt-ceiling showdown
Culture Cafe 'Follies' and 'La Boheme' take Los Angeles by storm
Decoder Buzz How Romney is fighting harsh charge he's a heartless job-killer (+video)
Groupon stock jumps as earnings beat expectations
JP Morgan loss: Did US regulators know what CEO Jamie Dimon apparently didn't? (+video)
The Daily Reckoning The financial industry's growth is stunting everything else
NBA playoffs: Thunder rolls over Lakers, 76ers nip Celtics (+video)
Modern Parenthood Most popular baby names ... for now. Beware, Sophia.
Culture Cafe Cancelled shows 2012: ABC and the CW announce what won't be returning
Opinion Russia should be rewarded with NATO membership
Change Agent New ideas reduce waste and spoilage after the harvest
JPMorgan Chase shareholders to confront CEO Dimon
Latin America Monitor Majority of Mexicans support military leading fight against cartels
Chapter & Verse The strange history of the English language
Greece calls for new election after attempts at forming new government fail
Economist Mom How to make the Bush tax cuts work
Rebekah Brooks charged in News Corp phone-hacking scandal (+video)
Why Lady Gaga Indonesia concert may be canceled
Facebook IPO: Half of Americans say Facebook is a fad (+video)
As Okinawa marks 40 years of postwar sovereignty, US bases still an irritant
Saving Money What is arbitration? You sign away rights. Is that OK?
Terrorism & Security Philippines feels the economic cost of standing up to China
Russian Soyuz (finally) lifts off for space station (+video)
Global News Blog Two propaganda flops in less than two weeks: Is Beijing losing its touch?
Keep Calm Europe launches airstrikes on Somalia to uproot pirate base
Chapter & Verse How fast can they write? E-books push writer productivity
Modern Parenthood Jessica Simpson: New maternity clothing line to show off baby bumps.
The power of the invisible
Hollande's plane struck by lightning en route to Germany to meet Merkel (+video)
The Simple Dollar Student loans: How automatic repay can help
Stir It Up! Roasted Brussels sprouts with lemon and Parmesan
Ina Drew retiring after JPMorgan losses. Will she get $14.7 million?
Chesapeake Energy: Carl Icahn as investor? Sure!
Oil prices remain below $95 a barrel
The Aleppo Codex
Reader recommendation: The Divine Comedy