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Monitor Articles for May 11, 2012

In Election 2012, how much is the House in play? Three sides to the story.
More federal regulation? JPMorgan case bolsters critics of banking system.
Celtics and 76ers advance in NBA playoffs, meet in Eastern semifinals
Horizons 3D maps coming to iPhone 5, iOS 6: report
Electronic menus: food, Facebook, and fun. Coming to a restaurant near you?
Hollie Cavanagh gives advice to future American Idol singers
Greece has only one chance left to avoid another election
Robert Reich JPMorgan collapse: Can we regulate Wall Street now?
Has Norway given Breivik exactly what he wanted?
Algeria's ruling party wins polls, but turnout sends mixed message
US sends troops to Yemen as Al Qaeda gains ground
Time breast-feeding cover: On parenting, can we all get along?
Rebekah Brooks discusses links to British PM Cameron in phone hacking inquiry
I Wish: movie review
Under African Skies: movie review
Mayan calendar discovery suggests world might not end in 2012 (+video)
Suicide bombings in Syria: Cease-fire in shambles, Al Qaeda role is feared
The Reformed Broker The labor report that may decide the presidential election
Yogi Berra: 21 quotes for his birthday
Surfer catches 'biggest wave ever' off Portugal (+video)
Decoder Buzz Might Mitt Romney not remember if he bullied someone in high school? (+video)
Global News Blog Italian museum sets its art on fire to protest lack of government funding
Change Agent Solar-powered phones recharge Kenya's conversations
Horizons For Bing and Google, the future of search is social
North Korean women sold into 'slavery' in China
Modern Parenthood Time breastfeeding cover: Attachment parenting vs. an attached parent (+video)
Man aims shoe at Breivik, marking first outburst in surprisingly calm trial (+video)
The Daily Reckoning Will taxing the rich really fix the economy?
With Iran, Syria looming, can Obama save NATO from disaster at Chicago summit?
Culture Cafe NBC's '30 Rock,' 'Community,' and 'Parks and Recreation' will be renewed, sources say
Focus Share of working moms nearing all-time high, but has it gotten any easier?
The Monitor's View What next for JPMorgan Chase and Jamie Dimon after $2 billion loss
Nigeria soldiers arrest Boko Haram commander
In JetBlue no-fly list mistake, toddler removed
JP Morgan $2 billion loss stirs memories of 2008 crisis (+video)
Egyptian presidential debate underscores Islamist vs. establishment divide (+video)
China's standoff with the Philippines heats up with travel warnings, oil drilling
Opinion What Mitt Romney should be saying to women voters this Mother's Day
Activist Chen Guangcheng: China targets lawyers trying to help
Top Picks: The soundtrack to the HBO series Treme, CNN's series about the postwar era, and more top picks
Russian, French, Italian jobs hang on Sukhoi Superjet crash probe
Are some global companies too reliant on China?
Romney eager to shift conversation from gay rights to economy
Oldest Mayan calendar found, and it goes way beyond Dec. 12, 2012 (+video)
Latin America Monitor Rio+20: Rio's dry run for the Olympics and World Cup
Gay marriage: Clooney fundraiser a hint of coming Obama money boom (+video)
In Gear New world record: 1,626 miles on one tank of gas
Terrorism & Security Damascus bombings prompt warnings of Iraq-style insurgency
God's mothering promise
Modern Parenthood Romney a bully? A Columbine teacher's guide to shades of bullying
Modern Parenthood Proms and princesses: The Disney generation grows up
Judge creates unique problem-solving court to help unwed parents
Girl Scouts under scrutiny from Catholic bishops
American Idol final three give tearful goodbye to Hollie Cavanagh (+video)
Chapter & Verse An indie bookstore 'saved by a tweet'
Stir It Up! How to make garlic and herb skillet croutons
Hedge funds: Money rolls in after stellar quarter
Diggin' It Peony season
Oil prices fall below $96 a barrel
Chapter & Verse Anna Quindlen talks about her new memoir 'Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake'
Reader recommendation: Ghost on the Throne
JPMorgan reveals huge $2 billion trading loss
Seven retirement questions you need to answer