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Monitor Articles for May 10, 2012

Sources: Biden apologized to Obama for gay marriage remarks
Obama calls Romney "backwards" on gay rights
Justice Department sues Sheriff Joe Arpaio (+video)
Romney denies bullying students for being gay in high school
Adam Mayes case: kidnapper dead, girls safe (+video)
Gay marriage now front and center in battleground states (+video)
NASA mission confirms: Ex-asteroid Vesta is a planet that almost was
Justice Department sues Joe Arpaio for discrimination: Is he cornered? (+video)
With G8 snub, US-Putin 'reset' off to stumbling start
Dark Shadows: movie review (+trailer)
Obama shift on gay marriage unleashes Hollywood's star power (+video)
A Sense of Direction
Tax VOX Will Obama's views on tax reform 'evolve' too?
Decoder Buzz How the sequester could save Democrats in December
Reader recommendation: A Hogan for the Bluebird
Maurice Sendak beloved by parents and kids around the world
10 best books of May, according to Amazon
Panetta: No hitches in military's repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell'
Stocks break losing streak. Barely.
The Monitor's View Green accounting of economic growth
Appalled by sequester cuts, House begins efforts to avoid them
Decoder Buzz Does it matter if Mitt Romney was a bully in high school? (+video)
End of days near? Mayan find pushes calendar way beyond 2012.
Asteroid Vesta: Is it really an asteroid?
The Simple Dollar Store credit cards aren't worth the one-time discount
Modern Parenthood Time mag breastfeeding cover doubletake: What about the stats?
Chimp acts like jerk, gets praised by scientists
Jessica Sanchez: Will huge YouTube following make her the next American Idol? (+video)
Exclusive: Cyberattacks on US natural-gas pipeline companies, evidence points to China
Trayvon Martin case: Online fund for George Zimmerman now being tapped
Culture Cafe Sofia Vergara and 'Modern Family' cast go to Disneyland
Saving Money 23 ways to save money on clothes
Briefing DOMA and Prop. 8 struck down: Gay marriage laws around the globe
Horizons Windows RT will ban Firefox and Chrome, says Mozilla
Progress Watch Why teen driving deaths have tumbled to historic lows
Monitor Breakfast House races won't hang on Obama gay marriage move, says a top Democrat
Antarctic ice sheet at risk, say scientists
Decoder Buzz Obama event at George Clooney's house: Bad to be 'celebrity in chief'? (+video)
Diggin' It A look at the 2012 All-America winners
Mexico volcano ash forces shutdown of airport (+video)
Plane crash in Indonesia upends strategy to put Russian aviation on stronger path (+video)
Horizons Facebook App Center will usher in era of paid Facebook apps
Sony stock slides as entertainment giant suffers huge earnings loss
Opinion Broad coalition in Israel shows Netanyahu's centrist colors
Chapter & Verse Harry Potter comes to Kindle
Why Obama endorsed gay marriage now (+video)
When 'nice' is annoying
The Reformed Broker Euro debt crisis: Is Spain the new Greece?
Modern Parenthood Cooking with kids: big fun, with a dash of skill development
Opinion Will Netanyahu stay obsessed with Iran or use his new coalition to help Israel?
Change Agent Journalist Kevin Fagan looked for solutions to homelessness
The Beatles: Here come the sons?
Chapter & Verse New book claims that Jack the Ripper was – a woman?
Putin cancels US summit visit, meeting with Obama
International adoption rates plummet, domestic numbers rise
Chapter & Verse '50 Shades of Grey' won't be coming to some libraries
Obama decision on gay marriage ripples through Latin America (+video)
Modern Parenthood When life gives you lemons: five tips for raising resilient kids
Greek voters voice no regrets despite political chaos (+video)
Modern Parenthood Hillary Clinton "au naturale" is no Kate Middleton. Is that OK?
The New Economy As Chinese wages rise, US manufacturers head back home
Keep Calm Good Reads: on the politics of language, Genghis Khan, and the Beastie Boys
Robert Reich Forget gay marriage. America's real problem is in its boardrooms.
Obama backs gay marriage: How it plays with Christian church leaders (+video)
China tightens restrictions on Chen Guangcheng's family
Latin America Monitor The Beatles' No. 1 fan? Mexico
New Obama video slams Romney as 'backwards' on gay marriage
Iran nuclear talks: Are sanctions on the table?
Tax evasion: Is IRS tough? Try Brazil's 'Lion.'
China urges the Philippines to ensure citizens' safety
Modern Parenthood Kids want gold stars, so do adults: 7 tips for doling out praise
The Simple Dollar 401(k) savings: Huge plus, even when retiring at 45
American Idol: Phil Phillips sizzles with Damien Rice hit 'Volcano' (+video)
Fearless forgiveness
Terrorism & Security Two bombings rock Damascus in one of largest attacks since uprising (+video)
Modern Parenthood Obama same-sex marriage endorsement bolsters gay teen identity
Stir It Up! Grilled chicken and strawberry salad
In Gear Ferrari damages ancient wall in China. Tire marks. Red faces.
How Green Mountain stock plunge triggered chairman's ouster
Health-care costs per retired couple: $240,000