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Monitor Articles for May 1, 2012

Clinton arrives in Beijing, but blind lawyer's case casts shadow
May Day: Around the world, anger and fear
New Yorker convicted in plot to bomb subways
One year after Osama bin Laden death, Obama's balancing act still tricky (+video)
UK Parliament: Murdoch unfit to lead
Obama: "New day" on horizon for Afghanistan (+video)
May Day: Tear gas in Oakland, broken windows in Seattle (+video)
Scientists discover 24 new lizard species in Caribbean
How one man may have foiled a devastating cyberattack against America
Stir It Up! Kentucky Derby bars for Cinco de Mayo
Backchannels In Malaysia, a May Day pay raise, but no victory for democratic reformers
In Gear My Nissan Leaf life: Why I bought a Nissan Leaf
In Gear Electric-car sales fall in April
The Simple Dollar Buried in debt? How a credit union can help.
In Gear Mercedes-Benz poised to become No. 2 luxury automaker?
In Gear Should US ban cellphone use by drivers?
Obama's secret trip: why he wanted quick signing of pact with Karzai
May Day: Occupy movement returns, but can it win converts?
Cleveland anarchists' getaway plan: a box full of thumbtacks
Painkiller addiction becoming more common in infants, study shows
Private Empire
Reader recommendation: I Am Because We Are
New York man found guilty in suicide subway bomb plot
Dow Jones hits highest mark since 2007
Decoder Buzz New GOP Facebook app targets Obama's social-media dominance
'Jackie After O': 5 stories about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Bestselling books the week of 5/3/12, according to IndieBound*
Chapter & Verse Federal judge throws out civil suit against 'Three Cups of Tea' author Greg Mortenson
Stefan Karlsson The battle of the Pauls: Ron Paul talks economic theory
The Monitor's View On anniversary of Osama bin Laden death, did Obama take too much credit?
Kenya races to transfer ICC election violence case to Africa
Forgiving mortgage loans would save taxpayers money, say Fannie Mae papers
Supreme Court popularity hits new low. Will Obama attack?
Stand Your Ground law: Florida review panel to draw wide scrutiny
Decoder Buzz Obama ad hits Romney Swiss bank account. Effective? (+video)
Briefing Top 3 reasons why Al Qaeda is more dangerous than ever
Oil prices drive Delta Air Lines to buy its own refinery. Will that work?
Jessica Simpson baby arrives, finally
Paper Economy US manufacturing on the rise
Some dinosaurs were declining before asteroid struck, say scientists (+video)
RIM debuts BlackBerry 10, but no new phones
Backchannels Rupert Murdoch declared unfit to lead. The price of half-truths?
Global Viewpoint Arab Spring: now begins the education of Islamist politicians
Focus In France's suburban ghettos, a struggle to be heard amid election noise (+video)
Modern Parenthood May Day, Cinco de Mayo or Leap Day: Celebrating “minor” holidays
What the death of Osama bin Laden means for Afghanistan
Maggie Gyllenhaal has a baby girl, Beyoncé named 'Most Beautiful'
Culture Cafe 'The Dark Knight Rises' trailer gives more hints about the trilogy's finale
Brooklyn Nets launch new logo. Reactions mixed (+video)
Paper Economy Construction spending improves. Slowly.
5 best mystery books for kids
Opinion Chinese dissident – bad timing for Washington, Beijing
Blind Chinese activist: The path from acupunture to legal eagle
For Pakistanis, bin Laden death anniversary sparks ... nothing (+video)
Cleveland bomb plot thwarted by arrests (+video)
Decoder Buzz Obama 'nerd prom' jokes: Did he go too far? (+video)
Opinion Bahrain doctor: If US loses the faith of people like me, it loses the Mideast
Modern Parenthood Screen-Free Week: Parents this includes you, and your iPads, too
Culture Cafe Tony nominations: 'Once,' 'Porgy and Bess' lead the pack
Chapter & Verse 12 days of disaster that changed Chicago forever
Modern Parenthood May Day traditions a good excuse to celebrate with family
Donald Marron Memories are a durable investment
Obama ad hits Romney on jobs record, Swiss bank account
Le Pen rebuffs Sarkozy, tells supporters to make own choice in French vote Sunday (+video)
Stir It Up! Cinco de Mayo: Shrimp tacos with spring onion salsa
Change Agent African farmers grow trees as a natural crop fertilizer
Keep Calm Coup and counter-coup: Mali's military junta retains control of capital
Supermoon Saturday: Biggest moon of the year (+video)
Backchannels One year after Osama bin Laden's killing, Al Qaeda is in tatters
Upfront Blog How the Monitor is doing
Terrorism & Security Both sides violating Syria cease-fire. Still worth supporting? (+video)
Parenting, innocence, and the threat of sexual abuse
Boy Scout resignation over lesbian mother's removal in Ohio
Aung San Suu Kyi ends boycott to make Myanmar parliamentary debut
Why is the US considering F-16 sales to Taiwan?
Romney to Obama: Stop playing politics with bin Laden killing (+video)
Occupy May Day: Can the protest movement spring back to life?
Modern Parenthood A twist on the fairy tale: a college-bound Disney Princess?
Michelle Obama in Arizona: Could it swing to Democrats?
Saving Money Why unemployment isn't a résumé buster
The Simple Dollar Student loans equal $35,000. Pay 'em off or save?