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Monitor Articles for April 9, 2012

Study: Obamacare will raise deficit
Two firefighters killed in Philadelpha fire
No grand jury in Trayvon Martin shooting
Buffett Rule: Could it backfire on Democrats?
Why North Korea seems willing to ignore US warnings on missile test
The Vote How should Mitt Romney shift his campaign now?
Horizons How Edward Muggeridge became Eadweard J. Muybridge
Tax VOX How big are tax preferences? Try $1.3 trillion.
Modern Parenthood Hunger Games: What's so great about a teen fight to the death?
U.S. stocks fall; Dow slips below 13000
Modern Parenthood Could PBS Kids Barney be an extinct T. rex – in a good mood?
Mike Wallace: the legendary '60 Minutes' career that almost wasn't (+video)
Modern Parenthood Welcome to Modern Parenthood
Afghanistan night-raid deal: Does it handcuff US forces?
Facebook to buy Instagram for $1 billion. Why so much? (+video)
Culture Cafe 'Hunger Games': Will director Gary Ross return for the sequel?
The Simple Dollar Save money with basic sewing skills
Will the iPad follow the path of zippers, escalators, and heroin?
New world record set for Rube Goldberg machine
Attack in Yemen: Is Al Qaeda stronger now? (+video)
Reader recommendation: The Greater Journey
Pakistan's president visits India, but distrust runs deep (+video)
Amid widening Syria violence, a new war-crimes charge (+video)
'Drop Dead Healthy': 8 of A.J. Jacob's unusual get-fit regimens
NFL commissioner Goodell upholds Saints suspensions
Chapter & Verse 'Delirium' author Lauren Oliver will pen a book for adults
Chapter & Verse 10 most challenged books on the American Library Association's 2011 list
Iran nuclear talks: Is compromise offer from Tehran good news?
The Monitor's View As Syria killings rise, a plea for world conscience
Hunger Games: anti-family or bonding tool?
In Libya, pride and waiting
White House Easter egg roll: President, Mrs. Obama host annual children's event
The Circle Bastiat New Jersey is taking your gift cards
No grand jury: What does that mean for George Zimmerman? (+video)
Tulsa shootings suspects appear in court, bail set at over $9 million apiece
Amazing photo: Cargo vehicle docks with space station over Earth's city lights (+video)
Swiss villages, sitting on a gold mine, refuse to budge
Horizons Did Eadweard J. Muybridge get away with murder? (+video)
Tim Tebow talks about prayer, faith, and role models (+video)
John Hughes ‘Spring’ delayed as Cuba follows China's model
Snakehead bounty: Maryland offers $200 gift card
Who are the Taliban and what do they want? 5 key points
Latin America Monitor Colombia to reassess policy of extraditing drug traffickers to US
The Reformed Broker Groupon woes continue with lawsuit, low earnings
Change Agent Gleaning for good: an old idea is new again
Brazil's President Rousseff meets with Obama: 5 topics for talks
Diggin' It How to grow and serve kumquats
How 5 young black men see the Trayvon Martin case
Bubba Watson: Only the third lefty to win the Masters (+video)
Stefan Karlsson Can price inflation fix a lagging economy?
Opinion How Apple, Foxconn, and others can address labor abuses in overseas factories
Difference Maker Jon Wilson helps victims talk with perpetrators - and find closure
Mike Wallace, '60 Minutes' interrogator, gave show journalistic heft and a showman's flair (+video)
Indonesia's Aceh Province votes in test for peace process
Are you a TV trivia buff? Take our quiz
Afghan deal on night raids presages longterm US presence
Syrian gunfire wounds five in Turkish refugee camp
Google Doodle celebrates Eadweard J. Muybridge, Father of the Zoopraxiscope (+video)
Oil prices drop ahead of Iran talks
Suicide car bombing kills 38 in Nigeria on Easter Sunday
Stock market set to open sharply lower
Terrorism & Security Reports: North Korea planning a new nuclear test (+video)
Africa Monitor New censorship strategy in Sudan
Stir It Up! Meatless Monday: Farro salad with roasted winter squash, spinach, and goat cheese
Comfort in the aftermath of suicide
Readers Write: Freedom of – or freedom from – religion?