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Monitor Articles for April 26, 2012

Horizons iPad a big favorite among business users: report
GOP, Democrats make student loans an election-year issue
Edwards trial: aide spent hush money on himself
Secret Service now investigating El Salvador trip
House passes cyber security bill over Obama's objections
Credit cards: How to save $400 at the pump
Federal judge bars release of Bin Laden photos
Despite election-year wrangling, Senate renews domestic violence law
Biden hammers Romney on jobs, foreign policy
House passes cybersecurity bill despite veto threat over privacy protections
Obama slow jam on 'Fallon' just a taste of 'epic' social media war ahead
Trayvon Martin case: sparks of racial violence appear
Decoder Buzz Boehner says Obama misuses Air Force One for political trips. Is he right?
Saga of California's Salton Sea: a tragic chapter ahead?
Violence Against Women Act passes Senate after heated rhetoric
Osama bin Laden's family leaving Pakistan for Saudi Arabia
Tax VOX Why do Obama and Romney pay the taxes they pay?
Prime literary real estate
Judge strikes down 'suspicionless' drug testing of Florida state workers
Downsizing Army may lay off veteran soldiers. Is that a breach of trust?
US stocks boosted by home sales, corporate earnings
Horizons Google Drive says it may 'publicly perform' your files. What's that mean?
Verbal Energy Teasing out the truth about wool and data
Humongous Asian shrimp invading US waters, say scientists
NFL draft: 5 reasons it is must-see TV
Upfront Blog What makes The Monitor tick?
Separate bomb blasts rock Nigeria's newspapers, at least six killed
Biden slams Romney foreign policy as return to cold war
Paper Economy Extended unemployment claims increase
How did European farmers spread agriculture?
Mars lava unlocks the red planet's secrets (+video)
Upfront Blog The 'long war' for energy security
Backchannels Egypt 'necrophilia law'? Hooey, utter hooey.
Backchannels Israel legalizes three more West Bank settlement outposts
The Reformed Broker Asia holds the key to Apple's huge earnings
Decoder Buzz Jimmy Carter gives Mitt Romney an unexpected boost
A Wedding in Haiti
Reader recommendation: The Birth House
Five tips to unplug your kids, get them out into nature
Plastic pollution underestimated, say scientists
Modern Parenthood New pink LEGOs for girls enforce Disney Princess sterotypes
Fungus kills frogs by dehydration
Stir It Up! Butter + leeks = delicious: Scallops with melted leeks and egg noodles
Keep Calm Good Reads: On America's limits, Middle Eastern feminism, Indian authors
Pakistan's top court convicts prime minister
Backchannels Adel Imam, Egypt's favorite funnyman, dodges a bullet
Chapter & Verse 'Mein Kampf' will be published in an annotated edition by Bavaria
Chapter & Verse Digital Rights Managment to be dropped by Tor and other Macmillan sci-fi books
Marine sergeant discharged for criticizing Obama: Was that fair?
The Monitor's View A matter of discretion in immigration reform and Arizona law
Arizonans take stock of Supreme Court hearing on state immigration law
Global Viewpoint Most of China's Communist Party princelings aren't like Bo Xilai
Editorial Board Blog A GED safety net for high school dropouts
'Fiscal cliff' threatens economy on Dec. 31, Bernanke warns Congress
Tiny sharks glow in the dark ... for camouflage
If both parties want low rates on student loans, why the fight?
Culture Cafe NBC shows: Which will be canceled?
Backchannels The hawkish bits of VP hopeful Marco Rubio's foreign policy speech
Modern Parenthood World of Warcraft unites mother, son miles apart
Decoder Buzz Backlash begins after Obama slow jams the news (+video)
Medvedev's legacy in Russia: small victories in Putin's shadows
10 best self-help books of all time
Modern Parenthood Mother's Day: Consider the life lived in 15-minute increments
Modern Parenthood Crime or parenting? Cops called for kids playing alone in park
Paper Economy 30-year mortgage rates fall to 3.92 percent
'Game of Thrones': Catch up on season 1
Did Secret Service agents hire prostitutes in El Salvador too?
NFL draft: Why Andrew Luck's rookie salary has shrunk (+video)
'Half the Sky' exhibition hopes to inspire action
Latin America Monitor Latin American indigenous groups fight technology with technology
Octomom gets her home examined by social services after complaint
Forecast is for 'normal' hurricane season, a bit wimpier than last year
Opinion After 20 years of Take Our Daughters to Work Day, time for a rethink
'Arrested Development': 5 other TV shows saved by fans
Tax VOX Tax reform goes local. What's the effect?
Antarctic ice melting from below, reveals satellite (+video)
Latin America Monitor With US money, El Salvador to begin wiretapping to stop organized crime
Leaning on US, Philippines boldly pushes back on China in sea dispute
Opinion Ann Romney flap highlights two clich├ęs about women
Change Agent Looking for a few good boomers to help others
Why new North Korea missiles are fakes
Parents use spy tech to expose abuse of special needs kids
Modern Parenthood From breastfeeding to veganism, don't judge a book by its cover
Keep Calm Charles Taylor, former Liberian president, found guilty of war crimes (+video)
Biden calls out 'shallow and dangerous, back to the future' Romney foreign policy
California fireball produces jackpot for meteorite hunters (+video)
Taiwan set for Chinese invasion - of investors
Breivik slam on 'Rainbow' song an insult too far for Norwegians (+video)
Rare success story for Egypt's revolution: ending military trials
American Idol takes on Queen: Will Hollie Cavanagh go home next? (+video)
Terrorism & Security Syrian regime fights on, but is running out of money
Stability during the housing crisis
What's the Israel-Azerbaijan connection?
Syria: Why only 15 UN observers on the ground so far? (+video)
Cloud computing: Legal standards up in the air
Saving Money Buying a home? Avoid these five mistakes.
Diggin' It Pollination power in the garden