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Monitor Articles for April 24, 2012

House Republicans opt for less controversial budget
BP engineer arrested in Gulf oil spill
Aide: Edwards doubted he was father of mistress's child
Hudson leaves courtroom when photos shown
Romney seizes nomination with decisive sweep
Secret Service scandal forces delicate touch
Tuesday night wins make it official: Romney is the nominee
Decoder Buzz Obama slow jams the news with Jimmy Fallon. How does that work? (+video)
Author of Arizona immigration law defends it in Senate hearing
40-year wave of Mexican migration recedes, as illegal immigration ebbs (+video)
First BP oil spill arrest: Why put the squeeze on a mid-level engineer?
As Syria cease-fire falters, Kofi Annan urges faster arrival of UN monitors
Progress Watch Fatal accident rate for US children and teens plunges since 2000
Hungry? Pizza Hut launches cheeseburger crust pizza. (+video)
Student debt: How big a risk does it pose to the economy?
NFL Draft quiz: Serious football fans, please stand up
Stir It Up! Minted pesto and cooking with Mom
Millennial voters: Obama gaining, but Romney has an opening
Argentina's move to nationalize oil firm YPF highlights Spain's decline
Horizons Ice Cream Sandwich to hit a range of Samsung phones (sorry T-Mobile subscribers)
Backchannels Israeli ties with Egypt strained by transition?
Home prices: New numbers raise hopes they're finally starting to stabilize
Modern Parenthood Stranger danger and donuts: one school's (over) reaction
Bestselling books the week of 4/26/12, according to IndieBound*
Decoder Buzz John Edwards's trial: a cad, or a cad and a felon?
Is it really cheaper to mine platinum from an asteroid? (+video)
Nigerian forces raid suspected Boko Haram bomb factory
Gideon Sundback: At first, the world shunned the zipper
Humongous rogue European satellite spotted hurtling through space
Chapter & Verse Is Amazon morally wrong but legally right?
In 1978 Egypt, Jimmy Carter had cachet. In 'new' Egypt, not so much.
Paper Economy Home prices keep falling
Peru is evaluating extradition request for Joran Van der Sloot to US
Google billionaires announce scheme to mine asteroids (+video)
The Monitor's View US must focus on Afghanistan heroin trade
On trip to China, South Sudan's leader warns of war with Sudan (+video)
Modern Parenthood Ban homework before third grade; support children’s play
Murdoch scandals reaching into ranks of British cabinet (+video)
$1 felony: Florida man charged over soda bill at McDonald's
Gideon Sunback zipper Google doodle: 10 great books about zippers
Modern Parenthood Etan Patz and other missing children have mom’s radar pinging
Decoder Buzz Student loans: Romney, congressional GOP race to embrace students (+video)
Apple earnings will report this evening; stocks rise
Modern Parenthood Bullying: Teens take the lead as anti-bullying mentors, advocates
Culture Cafe 'Star Trek' to return as a TV series?
Opinion The case for military intervention in Syria
The Circle Bastiat How can Venezuela be so rich in resources, but so low in supplies?
Into the jungle on the hunt for Joseph Kony
Tough Arizona immigration law rattles state's Latinos (+video)
Latin America Monitor Has nothing changed in Cuba?
As US and Vietnam get closer, human rights concerns grow
Stir It Up! Brownies with salted caramel
Change Agent Transition Towns moves communities beyond sustainability to resiliency
400-year-old diamond – owned by royals – for sale
Farther Away
Reader recommendation: The Reading Promise
Modern Parenthood Parenting: Enjoying the finish line – happiness in the here and now
The Reformed Broker Are US manufacturers quitting China?
One dead, three wounded in separate Damascus attacks Tuesday
Gingrich hopeful for Delaware primary upset
Why James Cameron and Larry Page want to mine asteroids (+video)
Hunger Games and Olympics spawn new generation of archery fans
Latin America Monitor Is ideology dead in Latin America?
Google honors Gideon Sundback: Father of the zipper (+video)
Shakespeare: 10 quotes on his birthday
Mother's Day 2012 gift ideas: No spa day for me, please
Terrorism & Security North Korea threat: China reaches out to agitated Pyongyang
Opinion The coming rise of Chinese brands
Iran's cyber prowess: Could it really have cracked drone codes?
When comfort seems scarce
Anders Behring Breivik on trial: A roundup of global opinion
Social Security fund: Cash gone in 2033
Chapter & Verse Marilynne Robinson: Why are we so afraid?
The Simple Dollar Just say no to catalogs
Modern Parenthood Giuliana Rancic expecting, joins celeb surrogate trend