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Monitor Articles for April 20, 2012

'War on women' rhetoric turns nuclear power spat radioactive
Student loans: Is petition to forgive debt completely a good idea?
Egypt’s shaky finances: Can the IMF and government agree on a loan deal?
Modern Parenthood Earth Day and every day gardening with children
Levon Helm and The Band: a rock parable of fame, betrayal, and redemption
Fenway Park: Living link to baseball's past turns 100
Modern Parenthood Mel Gibson: What I’ll tell my Jewish son about anti-semitic remarks
Record Store Day: earth's vinyl days
Goodbye First Love: movie review
Horizons Diablo 3 beta throws open doors, this weekend only
Horizons Is it really an iPad 4G if it can't connect to a 4G network?
Darling Companion: movie review
Chapter & Verse Jade de Jong: South Africa's answer to 'The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency'
Backchannels Teargas on democracy protesters? Bahrain Grand Prix sponsors say 'no problem'
Blast-off: 6 recent missile advances
Economic weather report by IMF's Christine Lagarde: 'umbrella' still needed
The Monitor's View Why Earth Day needs a regreening
George Zimmerman bond hearing: 5 new things we learned
Iran's Parchin complex: Why are nuclear inspectors so focused on it?
Latin America Monitor Princess Cruise passes stranded fishing boat, denting cruisliners' image again
Global News Blog Another courageous casualty in Pakistan, journalism's most dangerous country
Political faultlines abound as Egypt returns to Tahrir Square
Chapter & Verse Children's book promoting veganism gets mixed reception from experts
Decoder Buzz Martin O'Malley for president in 2016? He drops a few hints.
Reader recommendation: The Heart of Christianity
French presidential elections will be referendum on Sarkozy, the man
Pakistani plane crashes, no sign of survivors
Chapter & Verse E-readers are most popular in ... Kentucky?
Earth Day: Five ways we affect the planet
Paper Economy Initial jobless claims fall slightly
Worthless? Hardly. Rare penny sells for $1.15 million.
Modern Parenthood Young women want high-paying jobs – moreso than young men
Outrage flares in Argentina as former dictator breaks silence about 'Dirty War'
Family asks UN to help free former Peace Corps volunteer jailed in Nicaragua
Culture Cafe 'Hunger Games' sequel secures a director
Valentin Pazhetnov, Russia's unconventional 'mama bear'
Change Agent Bakery charity feeds North Korean children
Paper Economy Commercial paper market rate at 15.23 percent
Opinion Beyond Kony 2012, child soldiers are used in most civil wars
Unresponsive Cessna: What caused the plane crash?
Stir It Up! Fresh fava puree and garlicky sauteed chicory
Starbucks to stop using 'crushed bug dye' in drinks
Diggin' It The little tulips: Tulipa tarda proves that less is more.
Norway killer Breivik: Voices in my head told me 'Don't do this'
McDonald's profits jump. Thank Chicken McBites?
Mexico volcano Popocatepetl rumbles back to life
Latin America Monitor Traditional and modern merge in Mexico's ZonaMaco art fair
Opinion This Earth Day, let's focus on people
Top Picks: Bonnie Raitt's newest CD, a 'Frontline' feature on Wall Street, and more
Keep Calm Good Reads: On liberal Christians, political Islam, and the news profession
Gulf oil spill: Two years later, safety lessons ignored
Fenway Park: 10 questions about baseball's 100-year-old
The Simple Dollar Easy ways to trim your stuff
420 marijuana rally: Can University of Colorado stop it?
Decoder Buzz Smoke the shad, press the flesh: a Virginia political ritual past its prime?
Ted Nugent, 'Motor City Madman,' had 'solid' meeting with Secret Service
Egypt's dire economy looms over elections
Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama: Who gets the dog owners vote?
Modern Parenthood How to pick a summer camp for a good first time away from home
Will George Zimmerman get out of jail today?
Latin America Monitor El Salvador's first 'murder free' day in three years: The first of many?
Terrorism & Security Beijing responds calmly to India missile test
Giving thanks for 'sweet water'
American Idol: Colton Dixon admits he doesn't care and is eliminated (+video)
Modern Parenthood Fenway Park turns 100. Go Orioles!
Stock market gets boost from earnings, Germany
Fenway Park: 5 new books about the beloved ballpark
Audi expands into motorcycles with Ducati