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Monitor Articles for April 18, 2012

Nugent to meet with Secret Service
Obama, Romney both want Reagan mantle
Sudan threatens to unseat South Sudan government amidst clashes
Secret Service begins swift crackdown on carousing agents
Breivik wants freedom or death in Norway massacre
Mother slain, baby abducted: kidnapper had suffered miscarriage
Panetta apologizes over latest military scandal
Romney, Obama spar as general election fight takes off
From Our Files: Dick Clark 1986 Interview, 'Guru of pop compares three decades of rockin' teens'
Kim Kardashian for mayor? When public service becomes publicity. (+video)
Afghanistan attacks: Were signs of improved US-Pakistan ties just a mirage?
Romney 'pre-buttal' savages Obama on economy, Obama fights back
Why Trayvon Martin judge is stepping down already
Robert Reich Citigroup shareholders revolt. Will CEO pay drop?
Bizarre cosmic ray mystery deepens (+video)
Did Los Angeles Times make right call on photos of dead Afghans?
Dick Clark remembered as 'American Bandstand' host, TV & radio impresario
US stocks sink on Spain's bad debts
Chapter & Verse What G√ľnter Grass must say about Israel
Why hasn't Rick Santorum endorsed Mitt Romney yet?
BP oil spill settlement: Justice for 100,000 Gulf Coast victims?
IKEA: the next big TV store?
Culture Cafe 'Avengers' stars shoot new scene weeks before film's premiere
The Monitor's View CitiGroup shareholder revolt: golden-rule capitalism
Tax VOX Is the Buffett rule a step in the right direction for tax reform?
How much do you know about Earth Day? Take our quiz!
Did egg-laying lead to the dinosaurs' demise?
Decoder Buzz Romney vs. Obama: a squeaker or a landslide?
Horizons Nokia Lumia faces hurdles in Europe: report
Horizons BlackBerry Curve 9220 looks to a new audience
Could an 'iPad mini' stamp out the Kindle Fire?
Brigade that posed with dead Afghan bombers showed signs of trouble
King Juan Carlos: unprecedented apology speaks to royals' changed image (+video)
The Reformed Broker Meet the company behind the Tupac Shakur hologram
Global Viewpoint Gordon Brown: 'Education without Borders' is a must for kids in conflict zones
Chapter & Verse 'Three Cups of Tea' author Greg Mortenson battles a civil lawsuit
Global News Blog Why does Norway's Breivik invoke the Knights Templar? (+video)
As extreme weather events increase, so does acceptance of climate science (+video)
Backchannels When Assange meets Nasrallah, you learn the most about Assange (+video)
Latin America Monitor Ecuador: easy base for terrorists and criminals?
Inside North Korea's big birthday bash
Looking for bears? There's an app for that
Torture victim's family can't sue PLO for damages, Supreme Court says
Stir It Up! Cornmeal biscuits with ham and cheddar
Modern Parenthood Are chinplants the new breast implants? Wanna look like Jennifer Anniston?
Decoder Buzz Ted Nugent: Worst political endorser ever? (+video)
Verbal Energy The American Society of Paperless News?
BP settles with private plantiffs over Gulf oil spill
Popocatepetl volcano activity raises threat level in Mexico
Opinion Why Obama can't control gas prices
How do they remove the Space Shuttle Discovery from its carrier aircraft?
Jamie Moyer leads baseball's Ageless Wonders All-Stars
Norway's Breivik resists prosecution's attempts to delve into his past
No explanation given: Palestinian PM skips Netanyahu meeting
Why Iranian engineers attended North Korea's failed rocket launch
Child brides: Will Saudi Arabia set age limit for marriage?
Opinion Bashar al-Assad may be beating Annan plan in Syria for now, but he won't for long
Africa Monitor How Islamists are gaining sway in Mali
Stefan Karlsson Would electronic money end recessions?
The Simple Dollar How to manage magazine clutter
Security 'quagmire' for Mexican presidential candidates
Latest photo scandal: US soldiers pose with dead Afghan insurgents
Syrian army shells Homs as government pushes back on UN monitors
Latin America Monitor Challenges facing Argentina after oil firm nationalization
Secret Service: Scale of prostitution party in Colombia revealed
Change Agent Boom in biking benefits everyone, not just bicyclists
Terrorism & Security North Korea declares food-for-nukes deal over
Gabrielle Giffords: Battle royale for her seat in Congress
Hard times, bad housing market, and a true home
Paper Economy Industrial production goes flat in March
Electric cars: Big climate aid in L.A., but not Wichita
Kindergartner handcuff case: Do we need police in schools?
Tech stocks CEO summit: Can it solve Apple, Samsung patent dispute? (+video)
Modern Parenthood Middle school boys: an awareness campaign. Really.
Paris in Love
Reader recommendation: American Prometheus
Diggin' It April gardening in southern California, Part 2