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Monitor Articles for April 17, 2012

Rubio, Pawlenty, Haley all say "not interested" to VP spot
Romney taps former chief of staff to lead VP search
Baby found after horrific abduction from murdered mother
Syria: Secretary-General says UN may not go far enough with monitors
Secret Service's Colombia scandal has election-year implications
Diggin' It April gardening in southern California, Part 1
"Fraud, waste, corruption:" Congress decries GSA culture
Tupac Shakur hologram: how new technology is invading the real world
Tax VOX Tax Day: How easy filing makes the tax code complicated
Why recall target Gov. Scott Walker is taking his message to Illinois
Japanese tsunami debris to hit West Coast this year, sooner than expected
Synthetic marijuana on the rise: looks like pot, but 'far worse'
Decoder Buzz Ted Nugent: Threat to Obama, or harmless loudmouth?
Bestselling books: How well do you know the books on the top?
Why wasn’t there a Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction this year?
Consumer Energy Report Why Germany is ditching nuclear power
How Marco Rubio can help Mitt Romney without spot on GOP ticket
Bestselling books the week of 4/19/12, according to IndieBound*
'Second screen' apps turn digital distractions into TV companions
Modern Parenthood Courtney Love and Francis Bean: an unhelpful Twitter family feud
Modern Parenthood Kids, educators debate recess plan that may prevent bullying
Decoder Buzz GSA scandal: Does agency have culture of waste, fraud, and abuse?
Stocks surge on strong US profits; Spain
Horizons Google gets $25K fine for 'impeding' FCC probe into Street View
Secret Service scandal sheds light on sex tourism in Latin America
Restart of talks uncertain as Palestinian prime minister skips Israeli meeting
The Simple Dollar Five easy steps to going paperless
All systems go for 'historic' SpaceX launch this month
Amid threats to cease-fire, 'Friends of Syria' seek new ways to press Assad
Modern Parenthood All we know or care about Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie engagement
Horizons Windows 8 will have three versions. What are the differences?
Last-minute tax filing mistakes: 11 things to avoid
Obama calls for tougher penalties for oil market manipulators (+video)
Humongous solar flare erupts from sun
Kim 101: How well do you know North Korea's leaders?
Space Shuttle Discovery lands, for the last time, in Washington, D.C. (+video)
Decoder Buzz Enjoy tax day 2012, next year could be 'Taxageddon'
The Monitor's View The GSA and Secret Service scandals: Where's the public virtue?
Paper Economy New construction weak in March
Latin America Monitor What are Rio's security crackdowns accomplishing?
Decoder Buzz Tax day at White House: Obama gets big refund. Is that normal?
The Economist raises Scotland's ire with 'Skintland' joke
The next Venezuela? Argentina to nationalize oil company
Georgia kindergartener handcuffed during tantrum
Global News Blog Is Russia now the strongest backer of peace in Syria?
Pentagon outlines plan to crack down on sexual assaults in US military
Culture Cafe '30 Rock' star Alec Baldwin says the show will end next season
Hostess Brands battles labor unions in bankruptcy court
Stefan Karlsson British inflation grows and grows. Is it temporary?
Editorial Board Blog Look! Up in the sky! It's Space Shuttle Discovery. (+video)
Chapter & Verse Pippa Middleton book scheduled for an October release
Chapter & Verse Book world expresses disappointment, outrage over Pulitzer snub
Change Agent Karen Armstrong argues for practical compassion
Anders Breivik says he killed to protect indigenous Norwegians (+video)
Analysts react to Obama plan for curbing oil speculation
Henry James: 10 quotes on his birthday
Key congressman, Peter King, defends head of Secret Service
Africa Monitor No coup here: Malawi successfully transfers power
Thornton Wilder: 10 quotes on his birthday
Robert Reich Income inequality highlighted on Tax Day
Modern Parenthood CDC says child injury deaths down; prescription drug overdose up
Fans taunt Bruins goalie Tim Thomas for White House snub
Opinion Russia protests are overblown by West. Putin is here to stay.
Tax Day freebies: Get free Arby's, Cinnabon, and more
Space shuttle Discovery begins final flight (+video)
10 weirdest global fast foods
Tupac hologram: Coming to a stage near you? (+video)
Stir It Up! Homemade gnocchi
Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi speaks out against Iran sanctions
Opinion Tax day: How to remind Americans that paying taxes is a conservative value
Tim Tebow booed at Yankee Stadium: So what?
Backchannels Afghanistan: overinterpreting the Kabul attack
Terrorism & Security All parties make contingency plans as Syria's cease-fire wobbles (+video)
Prayer: the long and the short of it
Trayvon Martin case: George Zimmerman in bandages, say neighbors
Imagining Cuba after Chávez
Euro debt crisis: Is Spain the new Greece?
Economist Mom The rich should pay higher taxes. So who are the rich?
Jane Goodall: Disney's "Chimpanzee” good for nature-starved kids
Romney begins search for running mate