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Monitor Articles for April 15, 2012

Israel dismisses 'flytilla' protest, pointing to human rights abuses in Syria, Iran
Tornado watch: Early warnings may have saved Iowa town
Mitt Romney, President Obama woo women (politically speaking)
Kim Jong-un speaks: North Korea to keep 'military first'
Breivik trial: Norwegians rethink role of psychiatry in courts
Assault on Kabul: Taliban claim attacks as show of strength
Secret Service scandal now involves US military, prompts investigations
Samsung Galaxy Tab: tablet as remote control?
Iran nuclear talks: Why all sides kept positive
Latin America Monitor Americas Summit: Will there be consensus on Cuba?
Midwest tornadoes pose severe threat across hundreds of miles
New Orleans's post-Katrina artistic revival is in full swing
Disqualifications throw Egypt election into turmoil
Senior discounts: popular, but under fire
Lionel Richie, Pamela Anderson: tax delinquents
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 10 quotes on his birthday