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Monitor Articles for April 13, 2012

Modern Parenthood Mother's Day in Minnesota: bass fishing vs. brunch
The Vote Cory Booker Stories: Top 10 tweets about fearless Newark mayor
Modesto cop killing highlights spike in violence against police
Why ‘Caine’s Arcade’ moves grown men to tears (+video)
Look ma, no helmet! Michigan repeals helmet law for motorcyclists.
On eve of Iran nuclear talks, sanctions bite
Consumer Energy Report Wind power: America's future?
Does Blagojevich brother have beans to spill on Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.?
Chapter & Verse What sank the Titanic?
Cory Booker fire rescue 'very heroic' but very dangerous, fire officials say
A Brotherhood show of force, as Egypt turns to presidential election
Study finds way more emperor penguins than previously thought
Trayvon Martin case: George Zimmerman trial could be months off
Iran nuclear talks: Why there's hope for progress this time
The Reformed Broker ConocoPhillips: Gas company split a huge opportunity for investors
Decoder Buzz President Obama releases tax returns. Does he have to make them public?
Horizons 'Revolutionary' Apple device arriving this year, says French designer
Change Agent Shakira advocates for children at the Summit of the Americas
The Monitor's View The Ann Romney flap and women's roles
Inside Hana's Suitcase: movie review
Decoder Buzz Ann Romney flap: Will it help Mitt Romney score points with women?
Opinion North Korea rocket launch: Why Kim failed the test
Monitor Breakfast Is India weaning itself off Iranian oil fast enough for the US?
Monsieur Lazhar: movie review
If 'Battleship' succeeds, expect movies for 'Ouija,' 'Candy Land'
Instagram and four other apps that hit it big
Decoder Buzz North Korean missile launch failure: what it means for West (+video)
Global News Blog Italy goes big to save Venice as it sinks into the sea
The Simple Dollar Top 4 tips for successful yard sales
Diggin' It In a hungry world, should edible landscaping do more?
If you're reading this, you might be a baboon
Tax day tips: Eight things to check before April 17 tax deadline
Editorial Board Blog No crusty journalist complaint here: Caine's Arcade is more than a distracting fad (+video)
E-books lawsuit: Apple denies price-fixing charges
In rare move, North Korea admits to missile failure (+video)
Modern Parenthood Parents: Should you take your child to "Bully," the movie?
Culture Cafe 'The Cabin in the Woods' is over-the-top, but has an intriguing twist
The Circle Bastiat Riding China's inflationary tiger
The Vote Ann Romney and Hilary Rosen flap: Must Team Obama always be first responder?
Tax day: 8 top tax breaks for parents on tax deadline
Thousands of comets orbiting new star collide every day, create visible debris ring
Change Agent 'Harry Potter' and 'The Hunger Games' fans urged to do good
Trayvon Martin case a trial by fire for rookie Sanford mayor
Africa Monitor Congo president counters call for Army defection by rebel Bosco
Germany's solar woes dim the promise of green jobs
Opinion Iran talks: Why time is ripe for compromise
Cracker Barrel restaurant shooting leaves three dead in Ohio
Three fishing boats involved in standoff between China and the Philippines leave shoal
Thailand's blueprint to rein in fallout from floods and drought
Tax VOX Experts: The 'Buffett rule' is a terrible idea
4 feet of hail? Massive hail storm hits Texas panhandle
North Korea's rocket launch draws anger, wounds pride (+video)
Syrian forces kill three on second day of truce, activists say
Modern Parenthood Ann Romney working mom debate obscures value of child care (+video)
Tech stocks: Some reach 'cult' status
What Chinese companies want: intellectual property protection
Hilary Rosen flap: A campaign gift to Mitt Romney
Latin America Monitor Dreamers flock to Rio: A Sarajevan learns to samba in Brazil
Tax day horror story: taking your money ... and your identity
Terrorism & Security High stakes for Iran nuclear talks
Mortgage rates fall: 15-year loan hits record low
Newark mayor Cory Booker rescues neighbor from burning house (+video)
Backchannels Good Reads: No cyber-utopia for activists
An Advocate who's always with you
American Idol shocker: Why Jessica Sanchez faced elimination (+video)
The Simple Dollar Money-saving tip: Reuse dryer sheets
Can Colombia's Santos unify the Americas?
Top Picks: 'Once' as a musical, 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol,' and more