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Monitor Articles for April 11, 2012

Window opens for North Korean rocket launch
Houston's death ruled an accident
Facebook passwords: why companies don’t use them to see your posts
George Zimmerman charged in Trayvon Martin case: Why now, and what next?
GM: Explosion at battery research facility ‘unrelated to the Chevrolet Volt’
Inside US lawsuit: How Apple, publishers allegedly brought Amazon to heel
Trayvon Martin case reveals confusion over how Stand Your Ground works
Stocks rebound after Tuesday's big slide
Which came last, the dinosaur or the egg?
Briefing Buffett rule: Five questions about Obama's plan answered
Lesson in UCLA error: Make sure that acceptance letter is for real.
Why French far-right candidate Marine Le Pen is attracting youth
Will SpaceX build a new launch pad in Texas?
North Korea as 'Oz': Pay no attention to the nation behind the curtain
Global News Blog Soccer player defects from Cuba, requests asylum in US
3 new novels grapple with questions of mortality
The Monitor's View A tsunami-warning system makes waves
E-books price-fixing suit hits Apple. Will readers get compensated?
Support for Greece's mentally ill disintegrates as money dries up
Diggin' It A tradition of gardening runs in the family
Reader recommendation: Making Toast
Why outlook for US-Russia 'reset' looks bearish
George Zimmerman to be charged in Trayvon Martin case, official says
US doubtful on credibility of Syria ceasefire (+video)
Paper Economy Mortgage rates fall to 3.98 percent
It's not just Instagram. The 'app economy' is taking off.
How can Navy stop sexual assaults? First, admit they happen, admiral says.
Modern Parenthood Leaving the bully behind: why kids stay silent about bullying
6 odd baseball rituals
Indonesia earthquake: Why no tsunami this time?
Verbal Energy A really big story told in only 100 words
Latin America Monitor Summit of the Americas mum on drug policy
UFO over South Korea? Why the video is probably fake. (+video)
Trayvon Martin case: Is George Zimmerman a flight risk? (+video)
Terrorism & Security Sudan says talks off as border fighting with S. Sudan worsens
Culture Cafe 'Game of Thrones' is renewed for a third season
Opinion Post-parenthood: When adult children move home, is it OK to be friends?
The Simple Dollar Online selling: How to get the most bang for your buck
Africa Monitor Famine relief in Somalia: a view from Mogadishu
The beach: sun, sand, and inequality in the Dominican Republic
Latin America Monitor Brazil's President Rousseff praises new study abroad program
Car recalls: Ford Focus is latest. Is yours on the list?
D.C. unveils plan to prevent bullying, screens new film 'Bully'
As French election goes into high gear, it's Mr. Hot vs. Mr. Cool
Horizons Google Chrome browser tabs get a ticket to ride
Horizons Instagram gives Facebook 5 million reasons to love recent acquisition
North Korea bestows new title on its young leader ahead of rocket launch
Donald Marron What exactly do tax preferences add up to?
Obama vs. Romney: Who's most 'elitist' and out of touch?
Stepfather arrested after son takes heroin to school
Modern Parenthood The Disney Princess divide: The next mommy wars?
Egyptian court ruling raises stakes in presidential race
Bobby Petrino fired as Arkansas head coach (+video)
On the ground in Aceh, the best tsunami warning system is memory (+video)
Walter Rodgers Political dynasties (Romney, Bush, Kennedy) betray basic American values
Change Agent Young entrepreneurs do good - and make a profit
FBI Most Wanted: Bin Laden replaced by child porn suspect
Terrorism & Security China, Philippines dispute raises tensions in South China Sea
Modern Parenthood Thank you, Ashley Judd, for positive body image treatise
For Syria, prayers that bring peace
Tax VOX Will 'Obamacare' add to the deficit?
Stir It Up! Quick comfort: Meat and potatoes (and kale)