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Monitor Articles for March 8, 2012

Sherrod firing: emails reveal White House role
Toyota recall: Tacomas, Venzas, Camrys on the list
Ex-LAPD detective guilty in 1980s murder
Shooting at University of Pittsburgh clinic kills one
Solar flares: Be glad you're on Earth, not Mars (+video)
Friends with Kids: movie review (+trailer)
'It's the economy, stupid.' Can Mitt Romney woo South with that pitch?
John Carter: movie review (+trailer)
Amanda Clayton, lottery winner, defends food stamps. Michigan disagrees.
The dinosaur that dressed like Anna Wintour
Asteroid 2012 DA14 definitely won't hit Earth. So why are people freaking out?
International Women's Day: Meet the 10 richest women
Tax VOX How will Romney pay for his tax cuts?
Tale of two jobs bills: a parable of gridlock in Congress
Vox News Obama campaign video: what it may say about his reelection strategy
James Cameron to go into the deep for film and science
Prosecution rests in Rutgers webcam spying trial
Stocks rise as Greece nears debt swap deal
Switching from a Mac to a PC: Five lessons from an Apple fanboy
The Monitor's View Helping hackers don white hats
Why are there so many solar flares these days? (+video)
International Women's Day: Michelle Obama shows Hillary Clinton some love
Miss. Supreme Court: Barbour pardons valid
Does Limbaugh belong on armed forces radio? Criticism mounts.
Right-wing 'patriot' groups girding for actual class warfare, report says
Chapter & Verse Finally! Pottermore will open in April
Tiny dinosaur sported shimmery black coat, decorative streamers, four wings
Sword of the Spirit, Shield of Faith
Reader recommendation: A Walk Across the Sun
'Game Change': 5 revelations from the book
Paper Economy Jobless claims increase, but trending lower
6 men alleged to be LulzSec hackers
Solar storm could become severe 'bell ringer' in next 24 hours (+video)
Horizons International Women's Day: From communist roots to global holiday (+video)
10 best books of March, 2012, according to Amazon's editors
Culture Cafe 'John Carter' star Taylor Kitsch talks about stunt work and possibility of a sequel (+trailer)
Greece to investors: take a haircut so we can get our bailout (+video)
The Simple Dollar Baby clothes too pricey? Try a yard sale.
Monitor Breakfast GOP strategist: Appeal to Latino voters is party's 'great challenge'
Majority of Israelis oppose a unilateral strike on Iran nuclear program
Latin America Monitor Investors bet on Chavez: Big money in Venezuelan bonds?
Africa Monitor Joseph Kony 2012: It's fine to 'Stop Kony' and the LRA. But Learn to Respect Africans.
Filmmaker James Cameron to plunge to deepest spot in ocean
Iran offers rare praise for 'the Great Satan' (+video)
Opinion 'Responsibility to protect': the moral imperative to intervene in Syria
Latin America Monitor Rio's Olympic land grab
Mortgage rates dip again. 15-year loan hits new low.
Biggest solar storm in years now bombarding Earth (+video)
Keep Calm Nigerian government ready for talks with Islamist group Boko Haram
The New Economy Where to invest for 2012? Nine themes.
Global News Blog Kony 2012: Campaign against African warlord goes viral, now who is he?
Global Viewpoint Vint Cerf of Google on Internet rights – interview
Syria's deputy oil minister defects to protest Assad crackdown
10 Judy Blume titles to be released as e-books
A preemptive attack on Iran? US Jews are deeply divided.
Syrian refugees huddle in Lebanon: 30 people, one candle, and no food
Change Agent International Women’s Day: Innovations lifting women out of poverty
What does the JOBS Act actually do? Six questions answered.
The Reformed Broker The Fed's stock market anxiety
International Women's Day: How it's celebrated around the globe
Solar flare: Biggest in six years hits the Earth (+video)
Michigan $1M lotto winner can no longer collect food stamps
Celebrating International Women's Day
Terrorism & Security Russia says it won't offer asylum to Syria's Assad
Top Picks: A tribute to John Williams, exploring a 'Frozen Planet,' and more
Mitt Romney vs. Rick Santorum: 7 lessons from Ohio voters
Retirement cuts? American backs off threat.
American Idol: Jessica Sanchez wows with Whitney Houston ballad (+video)
Global News Blog Social protest in Hong Kong