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Monitor Articles for March 26, 2012

Trayvon Martin was suspended from school at time of death, report says
Obama tells Russia that election will bring 'flexibility' on missile defense
Supreme Court orders judicial solution to Congress-State dispute on Jerusalem
How do we know that Challenger Deep is lowest point on Earth?
'Hunger Games' leads Hollywood's dramatic turnaround
Supreme Court lets stand ruling that sides with transgender inmates
Bernanke comments send stocks soaring
James Cameron describes deepest spot in ocean as 'barren' (+video)
Tax VOX The federal government spends a lot more money than you think
Health-care challenge at US Supreme Court: Justices seek way past Day 1 hurdle
Gas prices, still climbing, are now just one thin dime from $4 a gallon
Youth discontent drives vote to oust Senegal's president
Waterproof your iPhone or Android device with nanocoating (video)
Chapter & Verse Cheryl Strayed talks about "Wild"
James Cameron dive launches race to the bottom of the world (+video)
Culture Cafe 'Mad Men': Season premiere excels with studies of each character
Culture Cafe 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' trailer shows Bella as a vampire
Change Agent She helps save a memory in stone of a 200-year-old forgotten US war
The Vote Rick Santorum puts 'Romneycare' on trial on steps of Supreme Court (+video)
French gunman the latest of Europe's troubling 'lone wolves'
The Monitor's View Trayvon Martin case: What cities can learn
Reader recommendation: Philosophical Interventions
Past decade's extreme weather is manmade, new study suggests
Chapter & Verse Kurt Vonnegut: unpublished work released through Kindle
Chapter & Verse 'Star Wars' novels: still on bestseller lists
Bright Venus to show in daytime sky
The Simple Dollar Laundry tips to save you money
How much do you know about health-care reform? Take our quiz!
First Taliban, now turncoats: Another Afghan soldier opens fire
Readers Write: Pull the plug on electric car criticism
Monitor Breakfast Companies yearn for US debt-reduction plan, says Business Roundtable leader
Trayvon Martin case: Is hoodie a symbol of menace or desire for justice? (+video)
Roy Williams and North Carolina come up short vs. Kansas in NCAA tournament
In Nicaragua, teachers make only half as much as market vendors
Bernanke signals low interest rates, stocks take off
Opinion Can Seoul summit tackle biggest threat to US security – nuclear terrorism?
Angry Birds Space: Should you download it?
Syria's opposition faces 'divided we fall' moment
Tiger Woods: 8 revelations from swing coach Hank Haney
Obama asks Russia to cut him slack until reelection
Chapter & Verse 'Hunger Games' heroine Katniss Everdeen becomes – a Barbie doll?
Paper Economy Pending home sales slightly down in February, but up since 2011
Backchannels Iraq's ominous trendline of violence
Chapter & Verse 'Hunger Games': birth of a franchise
Gas prices rise to $3.93 a gallon
Look who's saving the world: BRICS pump up foreign aid
Why James Cameron was forced to surface early
Democratic progress: East Timor election proves peaceful
The Paul Ryan 2012 budget: What he learned in 2011
Opinion Individual mandate in Obama's health care law: good for freedom, bad for free-riders
Difference Maker Eric Maddox breaks bread – and barriers – one virtual dinner at a time
Opinion Xi Jinping rise and Bo Xilai demise: China will move forward with reform, slowly
Economist Mom Why broadening the tax base is so difficult
Obama health reform law goes on trial amid deeply split public opinion
Stefan Karlsson Is New Zealand the new international bully?
Trayvon Martin hoodie and Skittles rallies spread across nation
Interview: Amb. Ryan Crocker warns against war fatigue in Afghanistan
Catholicism in a communist land: Pope Benedict XVI travels to Cuba
Stir It Up! Meatless Monday: Carrot fritters
Sgt. Robert Bales: His wife says 'he loves children'
Keep Calm Senegal's president concedes defeat, a welcome step in region of coups
Tiger Woods: With Bay Hill win, is he ready for another Masters?
Terrorism & Security Turkey closes its Syria embassy, boosts aid to opposition
Why Rick Santorum could lose in Pennsylvania, his home state
Oil prices edge down toward $106 a barrel
Helicopter parents force end to Easter egg hunt
US stocks, job growth rise. Strong recovery ahead?
The Simple Dollar 401(k) plans available at work? Sign up. Now!
Parents in prison, children in need
A race he always won