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Monitor Articles for March 23, 2012

Who is Jim Yong Kim, nominee for World Bank president?
Health-care reform: Main issue after 2 years is, will it survive?
Angry Birds Space billed as an educational tool. Really?
Runaway planets ejected from galaxy at insane speeds
Louisiana primary: Last chance for Rick Santorum to stay viable in the race?
The Reformed Broker Need an econ graph? Go to FRED.
Wisconsin sonic booms: Is a 1.5-magnitude jiggle the whole story?
Sgt. Robert Bales charged with premeditated murder of 17 Afghans
Paper Economy New home sales down in February
Horizons Is the new iPad a 4G data hog?
Global News Blog Traditional Tanzanian music falls in popularity, but demands preservation
The Raid: Redemption: movie review
Free Men: movie review
Saving Money Bye-bye free checking. Hello fee checking.
Facebook privacy: Can firms legally demand passwords from job applicants?
US Supreme Court: Big 21st century rulings
Change Agent 'The Hunger Games' movie attracts campaigns to fight real-world hunger
Asma Assad, Syria's first lady, faces sanctions, contempt
Obama on Trayvon Martin death: a time of 'soul-searching' for 'all of us' (+video)
Contents May Have Shifted
The Circle Bastiat What Bernanke gets wrong about the gold standard
Horizons How Juan Gris brought fun to Cubism (+video)
Catholicism in Latin America: 5 key facts
The Monitor's View Army on trial too as Sgt. Robert Bales faces charges for Afghanistan shootings
Global News Blog A Battle Royale online over origin of 'The Hunger Games'
Vox News New Ron Paul ad slams Etch A Sketch 'games.' Does he have a point? (+video)
Stir It Up! Maple sugaring: New England's cherished spring tradition
Opinion Where's the Trayvon Martin petition about gun control?
Sgt. Robert Bales and multiple tours of duty: How many is too many?
Culture Cafe 'The Hunger Games': Decide whether you want to see it
Opinion After Kony 2012: Three ways NGOs can work with Africans as equals
Facebook warning to employers: Don't demand workers' passwords
Global News Blog 'The Cubist's Cubist:' Juan Gris honored with Google doodle (+video)
The Simple Dollar The secret to wealth and health? Make your own snacks!
Global News Blog Tech firms cry foul in Taiwain
US eager to send foreign aid to Yemen, a land battling poverty and Al Qaeda
Chapter & Verse 'Death of a Salesman': meant for you?
The Deep Blue Sea: movie review
The Hunger Games: movie review
Etch A Sketch maker happy to be back in spotlight, sends boxes of toys to candidates
Louisiana primary actually matters, candidates set sights on Bayou State
10 stories from Frank Langella about his famous friends
Tax VOX Why Ryan's budget is music to Democrat's ears
President Algae? Obama not green enough, say environmentalists
Massive, rocket-powered, robotic craft begins delivery mission to space station
Keep Calm Good Reads: Ben Bernanke, bilingualism, and a new study on God and civilization
French gunman had no Al Qaeda connection, says official
Africa Monitor With coup, #Mali generates noise on Twitter
Exxon Valdez bound for scrap heap in India
Terrorism & Security EU expands Syrian sanctions to include Assad's fashionable British wife
Top Picks: 'Agent 6,' alien diplomacy, and more
Trayvon Martin case: More protests Friday in Florida (+video)
Verbal Energy Words whose job descriptions have narrowed
How much baggage are you flying with?
Loan forgiveness? Great, but beware the tax.
American Idol: A birthday and a goodbye to Erika Van Pelt (+video)
Why the pope wants stronger ties with Mexico and Cuba
Cocaine a factor in Whitney Houston drowning, says LA coroner
The Simple Dollar Community resources are there to save you money
AT&T sued over calls for deaf
Thousands rally for slain black teen Trayvon Martin