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Monitor Articles for March 21, 2012

Despite thawing relationship, China still spying on Taiwan
GOP budget plan passes committee on party-line vote
NYC march honors slain Florida teenager
Does Secret Service protection trump speech rights? Supreme Court hears case.
Detroit teeters on brink of bankruptcy as state takeover looms
The new normal in adoption: Birth parent no longer secret
The Vote Rick Santorum has had a good run. Where does he go from here?
Tea party insurgency could unravel Paul Ryan Republican budget plan
EPA wetlands order can be challenged by land owners, Supreme Court rules
Mercury: Unusual insides and active history
Paper Economy Mortgage rates climb. Really?
The New Economy Existing home sales: Foreigners are buying. What's their impact?
U.S. stocks mixed on a quiet day
Nokia patents vibrating tattoos
NASA scientist's espionage attempt results in 13-year prison sentence
Better prepared: Mexico's 7.4 quake causes damage, but no deaths
The Vote Etch-A-Sketch: Can Mitt Romney shake off his aide's Mr. Potato Head gaffe? (+video)
The Monitor's View Supreme Court and health care law: state sovereignty at stake
Zimbabwe activists sentenced for watching Arab Spring video
Boko Haram: Nigeria's Army kills nine suspects after attack
French gunman: I was planning more attacks, with outside funds
Zynga buys OMGPOP for $200 million
The Circle Bastiat Will health care reform be successful? Capital Hill barbershops show no
Saints' Sean Payton suspended for 2012 NFL season over player bounties
Rick Santorum: top 5 unorthodox views
The New Economy US corporate tax rates must come down
The Vote Jeb Bush endorsement adds to Mitt Romney aura of inevitability
Obama's energy policy takes center stage as $4 gas prices loom
The Simple Dollar Allowance tricks to teach your kids
Giant stars may not be necessary for supernovae
Opinion Warm spring weather and global warming: If only scientists could be so persuasive
Raising a food snob
Hewlett-Packard to merge printing, PC divisions
Global News Blog Belfast: reluctant birthplace of the Titanic
Culture Cafe 'Hunger Games': To like the movie, do you have to read the book? (+trailer)
War-ravaged Chechnya shows a stunning rebirth - but at what price?
Decoder Buzz Was Amelia Earhart a US spy? (+video)
Endorsements, dollars shift to Romney. Can he close the deal?
Vox News Is Ron Paul a martial arts master? Jay Leno clip shows his moves. (+video)
France school shooter planned another attack, says Sarkozy
Latin America Monitor Support for crime boss 'Dudas' Coke still strong in Jamaica
Strange features on Mercury upend thinking about 'first rock from sun'
Man-made noise can affect plants, as well as animals
Change Agent One Acre Fund helps Africa's small farmers keep in their fields
New Hampshire lawmakers consider gay marriage repeal
Stir It Up! James Beard 2012 nominee: “The Big Stir”
Keep Calm What's behind Russia's involvement in Syria and Iran? National interests.
Jewish community draws solace from France's response to killings
Tax VOX Ryan's mystery meat budget
Backchannels NATO fatalities in Afghanistan: 22 percent this year at hands of Afghan Army, police
Flood warnings for Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri
Opinion Facebook stalking in the name of affirmative action
Terrorism & Security UN Security Council poised to threaten Syria's Assad - with Russia's blessing
Why Democrats are cheering the Paul Ryan Republican budget plan
Earthquake in Mexico: Powerful, destructive but not deadly (+video)
The womanhood in each of us
Gold prices, commodities fall on China weakness
Big win in Illinois primary propels Mitt Romney closer to GOP nomination
Africa Monitor Kony 2012: Five heretical thoughts on the fracas
Economist Mom Paul Ryan's budget and the sticking point between the left and right
15 spring 2012 novels we think you'll like
Reader recommendation: Abigail Adams