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Monitor Articles for March 19, 2012

Mets make deal with Madoff trustee
Bison reach Montana as part of relocation plan
Bales may not remember shooting, lawyer says
Bankruptcy for TaxMasters, an IRS foe
Tim Tebow: Where does he go now? Four teams that might fit.
Why Illinois primary could finally give Mitt Romney momentum
Stefan Karlsson Average pay in the UK dropped 5 percent over 10 years
Spring into summer: Unseasonable heat helps pave way for violent weather
Philip Roth: 10 quotes on his birthday
Stocks rise on Apple dividend
Vox News Michelle Obama on 'Letterman' tonight. Can she get Dave to work out? (+video)
Tim Cook shines as Apple CEO (+video)
Albert Einstein papers show physicist as lover, dreamer (+video)
French confounded by motivation in Jewish school shooting, earlier killings (+video)
NCAA bracket busters and the Sweet 16
The Monitor's View What the Apple dividend really pays out
Stars create gaps devoid of gas giants, study finds
Tax VOX We already have a 'Buffett rule' in the tax code
US high school graduation rate inches past 75 percent
Vikings spread mouse species to Greenland, Newfoundland, study finds
Peyton Manning: Why did he choose the Denver Broncos? (+video)
Drug testing: Florida aims to be first to test public workers
US teacher killing: How religiously open is Yemen?
George Tupou V, King of Tonga, introduced democracy
Opinion Son of migrant workers, now solar CEO: Don't put tariffs on Chinese solar panels
15 great stories from Hollywood legends
Obama raises $45 million in February
Digiboo: Redbox's next biggest rival?
Mitt Romney: Can his wife save his campaign?
N.Y. Mets owners settle with Madoff trustee for $162 million (+video)
Paper Economy Housing market goes flat; shows signs of progress
Culture Cafe 'Walking Dead' season finale shows a return to form
The Vote Is Ron Paul running into money problems?
Sweden cash-free? It's getting there.
Greek finance minister quits post to lead struggling Socialist party
Global News Blog Kate Middleton delivers first speech, but media focus on blue dress (+video)
Monitor Breakfast Election poll: 'Cavernous' gender gap gives boost to Obama
Maoist rebels abduct two Italians on vacation in India
Florida students rally to arrest white neighborhood watch leader
Chapter & Verse JFK assassination: Did Castro know before it happened?
Chapter & Verse 12 Chinese authors file suit against Apple
Supreme Court refuses church-state case involving child sex abuse by clergy
3 spring novels journey to foreign lands
Korean baseball: Could scandal unseat the country's most lucrative sport?
The Reformed Broker AAPL: Apple starts share buybacks
'Frozen Planet' will make you fall in love with north, south poles
Reader recommendation: Blood On Our Hands
Change Agent Pam Washek rallies a nonprofit Neighbor Brigade
Opinion Backlash against Kony 2012: Where are the voices of Ugandans?
Retest of neutrino speed suggests Einstein was right, after all (+video)
NASA to launch one rocket per minute tonight (for five minutes)
UPS to buy Dutch delivery company TNT Express for $6.8 billion
Romney camp calls Santorum a Monty Python character in GOP race
Fierce fighting in Damascus signals rebels remain unbowed
Stir It Up! Meatless Monday: Masoor dal with cumin seed oil
Difference Maker Dina Fesler opens a unique school in Afghanistan
The Reformed Broker Investment returns getting lower. How to profit?
John Updike: 10 quotes on his birthday
Bankruptcy jitters in Stockton. Will other cities fail?
French school shooting: A serial killer of Jews and Arabs (+video)?
Arizona digs out from mega snow storm
Terrorism & Security Fighting in Damascus belies Syrian government's claim of control
Robert Reich Gas prices rising: Why GOP won't address real cause
Retirement planning: Stocks rebound, not confidence
Video games and spiritual momentum
Readers Write: Religion isn't exempt; A racist, 'civil' past; Guns and domestic abuse