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Monitor Articles for March 17, 2012

Hybrid vehicles: Judge approves Honda settlement
Republicans may think 'blah' about Mitt Romney, but it's his numbers that count
Who's talking about Sasha, Malia? It's dad, again
Sgt. Robert Bales: Details emerge on soldier charged with killing Afghan villagers
Decoder Buzz St. Patrick's Day: Quick, which US president was most Irish?
Volkswagen buying motorcycle icon Ducati?
Rick Santorum vows to end 'pandemic of pornography.' Could he prevail?
Trayvon Martin 911 tapes: Who screamed for help before shot rang out?
How much do you know about St. Patrick's Day? Take our quiz!
Did soldier said to have killed Afghan civilians come from 'most troubled base'?
Goldman resignation letter. Judge's critique. Now, the fallout?