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Monitor Articles for February 8, 2012

Alyssa Bustamante sentenced in child murder case
Miramonte School sex abuse scandal: Was replacing entire staff too extreme? (+video)
In voter ID case, South Carolina fights back against Obama administration
Tax VOX What tax reform would mean at the state level
Prop. 8 ruling: why it might not go to the Supreme Court
Ice caps not shrinking as much as once thought, new data show
The Reformed Broker The hedge fund mini-crisis
The Vote Where does Newt Gingrich go after big losses Tuesday?
Ancient Antarctic lake thought to harbor prehistoric life, Hitler clones
Boehner vows Congress will reverse Obama birth control policy
As cybercrime rises, so does a new – and successful – breed of cybercops
Horizons Negotiating with Anonymous: Symantec talks collapse, source code released
Michael Vick, Tiger Woods among US's most disliked athletes
Stocks rally as Greek debt deal draws near
What Rick Santorum needs to do to keep momentum
Bacon milkshake? Yes, from Jack in the Box.
Sprint loses $3.1 billion in 4Q
Vox News Clint Eastwood Chrysler ad: why some Republicans support it
Global News Blog @UKSupremeCourt now accepting official requests thru Twitter #srsly?
Horizons iPhone on Sprint: Great for sales, terrible for profits
Stefan Karlsson A European recession could have American consequences
Earth's next supercontinent dubbed Amasia, when to expect it
NASA goes commercial in its quest for extra space taxis
Scientists drill past Antarctic ice to reach buried lake. What lies beneath?
What went wrong for Mitt Romney in Colorado? (+video)
The Monitor's View Talk to Hamas? Talk to Taliban? Thank the Arab Spring for those possibilities.
NASA satellites reveal colossal ice melt, greenhouse gasses blamed
Home-grown terror threat receding, but post-9/11 America remains on edge
The Simple Dollar Want to save gas? Clean out your car.
Breathtaking Carina nebula photo provides window into star nursery
Upheaval in the Maldives: 4 things you should know
Culture Cafe 'The Amazing Spider-Man' trailer and footage give hope to some doubtful fans (+video)
The Vote Is Ron Paul at turning point in campaign?
Paper Economy Mortgage rates: How low can they go?
Russian scientists bore into massive ancient lake, prompt contamination concerns
Russia says it offers alternative path to peace in Syria
Chapter & Verse Do French and Eskimo moms know better?
Egyptian judges: NGO workers face up to five years in prison (+video)
John Hughes Barack Obama: Hope, change, and contradiction
Can American manufacturing really be cornerstone of economic revival?
Sanctions on Iran: Iranians face shortages of rice, corn, and cooking oil
Nokia will end cellphone assembly in Europe
Opinion Democrats, GOP collude to lure people into gambling
Latin America Monitor Falklands: more international support for Argentina after 'militarization' claim? (+video)
Would Google hire you? 10 test questions to find out
Janice Voss, shuttle astronaut, remembered for NASA contributions
Myanmar's about-face: 5 recent reforms
Negros earthquake: President Aquino criticizes shoddy road building
Huge whale shark sold for $2,200 in Pakistan
Change Agent Thistle Farms cultivates a better alternative to life on the streets
A top cop in China disappears. Medical leave or US asylum?
Robert Reich Super PACs: How many billionaires does it take to buy a presidential election?
Capital gains tax: a way to fund schools?
Maldives president asks for unity while rioting rages on (+video)
What did Clint Eastwood say about Chrysler bailout?
Stir It Up! Cookbook review: 'Food of Life'
Rick Santorum rising, along with the culture war. Coincidence? (+video)
Latin America Monitor Is it the end of paramilitarism in Colombia?
Terrorism & Security Argentina says it will take Falklands question to the UN
Russians reach mysterious lake 2.4 miles below Antarctic ice
Why Ron Paul says Mitt Romney can be caught
Investing in your future
As Syria's Assad pummels Homs, West reluctantly weighs military option
The Circle Bastiat The decline of the shopping mall
Social Security retirees can't ditch Medicare, court rules
Da Vinci’s Ghost
Reader recommendation: Emily Post
The Vote Santorum triumphant as election takes another unpredictable swing (+video)