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Monitor Articles for February 27, 2012

The Simple Dollar How to cope with higher gas prices. Permanently.
If Bob Kerrey runs for Senate, can he save the majority for Democrats?
Billy Crystal in blackface: Are the Academy Awards out of touch on race?
Has Mitt Romney already won the Michigan primary? (+video)
Does it help Rick Santorum to slam JFK on religion's role in politics?
Chardon High School shooting: what we've learned since Columbine
Green Economics How many Los Angeleans are stealing subway fare?
Horizons Encrypt your computer, get out of jail free? Not quite.
Why Asian carp are such a threat
Backchannels EU heaps new sanctions on Syria
Mobile World Congress: Best of day one
Decoder Buzz Want to hear Obama sing the blues? Best chance is tonight on PBS.
Backchannels Syria approves new Constitution as dozens murdered in Homs
Dow just misses 13000. Again.
Humongous asteroid could strike Earth in 2040
Donald Marron How to design a coherent tax system
WikiLeaks publishes Stratfor e-mails. What's in them?
Supreme Court rejects Asian carp appeal
Behind the mask of Kim Dotcom
Change Agent Tacugama gives sanctuary to chimpanzees - through war and peace
In Nigeria, Somalia, and Afghanistan: what is a foreign fighter?
Chapter & Verse Harry Potter e-books coming to schools, libraries around the world
Michigan primary: Why GOP evangelicals like Catholic Rick Santorum (+video)
Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and moon to put on rare spectacle in sky
German vote on Greek bailout hints at tough road ahead for Merkel
Chapter & Verse Oscars: A cartoon about the wonders of reading takes the prize
Murdoch celebrates 'amazing' success of new tabloid as inquiry delivers new blow
NATO pulls out of Afghan ministries. What's the impact?
Global News Blog Weaving together traditions in Jerusalem's Old City
The Monitor's View Why America can 'make stuff' again – just not the old stuff
Paper Economy Pending home sales on the rise
West is meddling in Syria's affairs, government spokesman says
Supreme Court doesn't want to hear about asian carp
One student in custody in Ohio, after fatal Chardon High School shooting (+video)
Opinion Five steps to bring back American manufacturing jobs
Backchannels A Syria hit list? A list of regime enemies emerges.
Profile: Yemen's new president, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi
Latin America Monitor FARC strategy change a result of Chavez's illness?
Culture Cafe Oscars: 5 films that should have been nominated
Backchannels On Stratfor, Assange and Anonymous just don't get it
'The Hunger Games': 10 favorite scenes
Elections may go to runoff in Senegal, West Africa's stablest democracy (+video)
Global News Blog France celebrates historic sweep of Oscars (+video)
Stefan Karlsson Oil prices: Yes, Fed can be partly blamed for spike
Have scientists unraveled the mystery of the northern lights?
The Vote Mitt Romney at Daytona 500. Shouldn't he be in Michigan?
Dream job? Live in a capsule in Hawaii eating astronaut food.
Opinion Why credit unions and small businesses are beating out big banks
Oscars: Billy Crystal's best lines
How serious is the bombast from North Korea?
The New Economy How to raise taxes on millionaires without really trying
Victor Hugo: 10 quotes on his birthday
WikiLeaks to release five million emails stolen from Stratfor
Putin assassination plot: opposition, security experts cast doubt (+video)
The Reformed Broker 'Bloomberg Rewind' is must-see financial TV
Colombia's FARC rebels say group will stop kidnapping
With Oscar winners 2012, Hollywood stays in its comfort zone
Top 5 signs of a weakening FARC in Colombia
Oscar winner 'A Separation': Iranians celebrate historic award
Terrorism & Security Taliban claim Afghanistan suicide attack, citing 'revenge' for Quran burnings
Rick Santorum slams JFK, Mitt Romney OK with being wealthy (+video)
Australia's first female prime minister keeps her job, for now
Smartphone comeback bid: Nokia's new low-cost Windows phone
Planting peace
Stock market woe: high oil prices
The Loon at Shackford Head
Helping New Orleans make a comeback is her personal passion
Stir It Up! Meatless Monday: Cumin-scented quinoa with beets and curried chickpeas
The Orphan Master's Son
Reader recommendation: On Hitler’s Mountain
Gas prices high? Oil price survey points to more increases.
Readers Write: Islamists still dangerous; Irish history matters; US needs a CEO prez
Monitor Breakfast Paul Ryan's warning: US must cut debt or face 'bitter austerity'