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Monitor Articles for February 24, 2012

'Act of Valor' glorifies Navy SEALs. But can they act? (+trailer)
Could global warming turn us all into hobbits?
The Vote Another Mitt Romney clunker? 'Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs, actually....'
Faster-than-light neutrinos? Why nobody is surprised it might be an error.
Rutgers spycam case opening arguments: cyberbully or boy who acted stupidly?
Oil nears $110 a barrel, gas prices jump 12 cents a gallon in a week. Eek!
Could free-floating 'nomad' planets carry seeds of life in the universe?
Mitt Romney's new economic plan: Did it just fizzle?
Paper Economy New home sales drop but show signs of recovery
Going Solo
Reader recommendation: Galileo's Daughter
The Monitor's Weekly News Quiz for Feb. 18-25, 2012
George Harrison:10 quotes on his birthday
Hillary Clinton, at 'Friends' meeting, has encouraging words for Syria rebels
'Joe the Plumber' and Herman Cain: A match made on cloud 9-9-9?
Mitt admits there are few Mitts at The Mitt in Mich.
IAEA report on Iran: 'serious concerns' about nuclear program
Somalia: A timeline of change in a troubled country
Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury to align in the late sky
Donald Marron What we need to fix in the corporate tax code
Horizons Nokia now No. 1 vendor of Windows Phone 7. Will its gamble pay off?
'The River': Six scary TV shows that came before it
'Modern Family': Test your knowledge!
The Vote Is Rick Santorum too angry to be elected president?
Vox News Social media age shocker? On politics, newspapers get more respect.
Change Agent 'Lemonade Detroit' film shares stories of resilience
Horizons iPhone 5 could get smaller dock: report
'Act of Valor': Does Navy SEAL film reveal too many secrets?
'Wanderlust' starring Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston: movie review
Backchannels Yes, the IAEA is worried Iran is hiding something
Global News Blog Quran burning in Kabul? What it's like for an expat in Afghanistan
The Monitor's View 'Friends of Syria': Which good cause will bring unity for action?
The Simple Dollar Do yourself a favor. Avoid courtesy overdraft protection.
Opinion Melissa Harris-Perry show at MSNBC breaks more than gender, race barrier
This Is Not a Film: movie review
The Forgiveness of Blood: movie review
'Friends of Syria' conference demands Assad open humanitarian aid corridors
Culture Cafe Sacha Baron Cohen posts video response to Oscars controversy (+video)
Act of Valor: movie review
Decoder Buzz So much money, so few lobbyists in D.C. How does that math work?
New Orleans' razing craze aims to clear way for post-Katrina recovery
Latin America Monitor Summit of the Americas standoff: Cuba wants in
Stir It Up! Oscar party 2012: Dish out the Best Picture nominees
Vox News Maher gives pro-Obama super PAC $1 million. Is that a good career move?
Africa Monitor Instability in Nigeria hurts neighboring economies
Climate change may have caused Mayan civilization's collapse
Global News Blog Disparity tourism in Sweden
High gas prices will slow car sales, not stop them
Latin America Monitor Latin America's economic rise may be undercut by violence
American Idol to add 13th boy, will it be Johnny Keyser?
Putin will easily secure election victory, according to new poll (+video)
Opinion This primary season, peel off political labels
2012 Daytona 500: Is Danica Patrick or Tony Stewart a better NASCAR story?
African droughts: Could insurance schemes help out?
Chapter & Verse Paramount Pictures sues to stop publication of 'Godfather' prequel
Global News Blog Jeremy Lin: China and Taiwan compete for claims to NBA star
Chapter & Verse Encyclopedia of evil: a catalog of history's 100 worst atrocities
Backchannels Looming Iranian missile threat to US? Pshaw.
Gingrich pledges $2.50 gas, Obama: 'it's easy to make phony promises'
Tax VOX Why GOP candidates would make the national debt worse
Paper Economy Home prices increase
Newark Muslims hold protest rally over NYPD spy operation
How much do you know about Iran? Take our quiz to find out.
Opinion Nations must learn from past mistakes in helping Somalia
Global News Blog Balmy English winter a boon to forest foragers
Australian mystery reexamined: Did a dingo kill the Chamberlain baby?
Terrorism & Security Kabul embroiled in day 4 of Quran burning protests (+video)
American Idol Top 24: Who's best among the 12 boys and 12 girls (+video) ?
Spiritual listening amid the political fray
The Circle Bastiat Why we're paying more for corn
Android, iPhone users get new privacy protection