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Monitor Articles for February 18, 2012

Whitney Houston remembered at hometown funeral
The Simple Dollar The many fiscal wonders of cruise control
Romney vs. Santorum: Class warfare in the GOP
Syrian forces fire on crowded funeral procession
Paper Economy Housing market mixed; still fragile
US Capitol suicide bomb plot foiled: How to catch a 'lone wolf'
Robert Reich Manufacturing is back, but it's not the problem
The cool new Palestinians: geeks
Space pioneer John Glenn honored 50 years after historic flight
Xi Jinping film deals: Search for a Walt Disney of China?
Global News Blog An app to match your appetite in Cambodia
The Reformed Broker Big brokerage firms aren't paying attention to their clients
ICE Long Beach shootout: As immigration cauldron boils, ICE agents buckle
Are you a real Hunger Games fan? Take the quiz
Rick Santorum and more: How social issues intruded on 2012 campaign
King-size candy is dead! Long live smaller bars?
Whitney Houston funeral: Family and friends gather for last goodbye