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Monitor Articles for February 17, 2012

In Darkness: movie review (+trailer)
Time Warner Cable, MSG reach deal. Linsanity at work?
Infant Tylenol recall: new setback for Johnson & Johnson
Foiled suicide bombing of US Capitol: plot is both familiar and strange
Horizons Windows 8 logo: Goodbye flag. Hello... window.
Gas prices begin climb toward $4.50 a gallon, experts say
Payroll tax vote exposes divisions within each party
The Circle Bastiat Spanish real estate bust leads to ghost towns
The Monitor's Weekly News Quiz for Feb. 10-17, 2012
Payroll tax 101: What the changes mean for you
Dow comes within nearly 50 points of 13000
The Vote Why Michigan could be Mitt Romney's make-or-break moment (+video)
Mardi Gras: a guide to five of the biggest New Orleans parades
Michigan's Hutaree militia: Band of gun enthusiasts or a threat to the US?
Is Iran serious about nuclear talks? West wants guarantees this time.
Horizons Kindle Fire 2 arrives this summer: report
Backchannels Syria, Al Qaeda, and cognitive dissonance for fans of intervention
FBI arrests suspect in terror plot near US Capitol
Global News Blog What eurocrisis? Hamburg to build $500 million concert hall
What sanctions? Top five countries buying oil from Iran.
The Monitor's View Privacy for children who use mobile apps
Business in Burma: Show me the money, but only if it's crisp
Change Agent Crisis Action makes a big noise using quiet citizen diplomacy
John Glenn reflects on NASA's space legacy 50 years after first orbit
Barrett-Browning love letters go digital
Rick Santorum: Top 7 culture war moments
The Simple Dollar Shop the block and save on car repairs
Backchannels Indonesia and Egypt separated at birth? No, just completely separate.
Global News Blog Egyptian lawmakers intervene to allow expelled Christians to return home
Green Economics What's the future of energy economics?
Africa Monitor Eritrean opposition takes its politics online
Where's my Refund? glitch: When will it be fixed?
How much do you know about taxes? Take the quiz.
Global News Blog Can't get enough of books in India
Global News Blog Anthony Shadid: Quite simply the best
Paper Economy Unemployment claims drop by 13,000
Undefeated: movie review (+trailer)
Upfront Blog Is Iran rational enough for MAD?
Pakistan: It's 'preposterous' we could bring Taliban chief to talks
Chapter & Verse Portugal plays each side against the other in World War II
Will 2012 be the Year of the African Despot, again?
This Means War: movie review (+trailer)
WTC accident: Steel beams fall 40 stories with no injuries
The Vote Will Ron Paul win Maine caucuses after all? State GOP taking new tally.
German President Wulff resigns amid scandal, diverting Merkel's attention (+video)
Dutch Prince Friso buried by avalanche, badly hurt (updated)
Disney's 'The Secret World of Arrietty': movie review (+trailer)
E. coli outbreak: Time for Jimmy John's to nix sprouts?
Baseball Hall of Famer Gary Carter remembered for smile, love of game (+video)
Fed. immigration agent injures 1 before being killed in Calif. fed. building shooting (+video)
Top US official: Al Qaeda in Iraq joining fight against Syria's Assad
Donald Marron Five principles for fixing America's tax system
Rick Santorum donor makes weird contraception comment
Rupert Murdoch: No defense for Sun lawbreakers, hope for great journalism
Opinion Does Obama really care about religious freedom in America?
Could Al Qaeda get Syria's chemical weapons?
Why did MSNBC drop Pat Buchanan?
Opinion Why Samoas and Thin Mints strike fear in the hearts of Girl Scout parents
F-16 fighters intercept small plane too close into Obama's airspace
Anthony Shadid, New York Times correspondent, dies in Syria
Terrorism & Security After UN condemns Syria abuses, Assad rains artillery down on Homs
Forget about preventing default in Greece, control it, says Europe
30-year mortgage rates stay at record low
Your specialness in God's eyes
American Idol in Las Vegas becomes Hollywood Week: The Sequel (+video)
Economist Mom Obama's budget has some bold moves