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Monitor Articles for December 30, 2012

Fiscal cliff: 48 hours to go and Senate negotiations slow to a crawl
Netflix CEO pay: Hastings' gets 100 percent raise
Afghan violence falls, but insider attacks up in 2012
Secret cremation for gang-rape victim sparks anger against Indian government
After big wins in 2012, pro-marijuana groups set their sights on other states
In Gear Canada jump starts country's electric car charging network
Washington dodges the 'dairy cliff,' avoids spike in milk prices
Italian Nobel winner, Montalcini, dies at age 103
GOP governors waver on Obamacare
Upfront Blog Bad news is loud. Good news rules
The Simple Dollar Travel light – in cargo and in activities
2012's 'good news' stories
Cover Story Progress watch 2012: Smart phones, jobs returning to America, and war crimes trials
UN Envoy warns of mass death next year in Syria
Little enthusiasm among GOP for Hagel, but he has Obama's support
Obama keeps up the pressure as Senators Reid and McConnell negotiate 'fiscal cliff'
Obama promises gun legislation, skeptical of NRA's guns in school idea
Woman charged with murder, hate crime in NY subway death
In Gear Electric car charging goes wireless
George H.W. Bush out of intensive care, on the mend
Snow piles up in New England
How much do you know about Pakistan? Take this quiz.
Pakistan militants attack Muslim pilgrims
Plane crash puts Russia's airline industry in spotlight - again
Israel allows gravel into Gaza for first time since Hamas takeover